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Voice + Womb Connection

Embody your Creative Voice and Feminine Essence


$27.00 per person



About this experience

Women, now is the time we embody, remember, and reclaim our Voices, Wisdom, and Power of our Feminine Essence.

Our voices and wombs are calling for our presence. To deeply listen and remember the gift of our feminine essence.

Modern society has disconnected us from the wisdom of our bodies.  Many women feel burdened by the need to ‘perform’ or keep up with the fast pace of society. This in turn shuts down our creativity and connection with our womb feeling burnt out and depleted.

And yet, this pathway can be opened through the power of sound! 

There is a physical and energetic connection between two of the most powerful places of expression and creation within the body – the Voice + Womb.

They are potent gateways for vitality, grounding, creativity, manifestation, creation, expression, sensuality, power, and embodiment. 

In this immersive voice + womb workshop we will begin to explore the intricate connection between the voice and womb through vocal purification and embodiment practices. We will tone from the depths of our wombs to release any tension, pain, stagnant emotions, and unconscious patterning.

As your voice + womb deepens, you will gain immense clarity and your life will radically begin to shift.

Whatever the sound of your unique medicine is…


Workshop intentions:

  • Releasing old patterns, obstacles & blocks.
  • Releasing pain and grief from being disconnected from yourself.
  • Feeling more connected to your sexual and creative energy.
  • Feeling connected to your natural inner cycles.
  • Feeling more grounded and connected to your femininity and true nature.
  • Discovering your unique gifts of joyful service.
  • Speaking your truth from your heart and living in tune with an aligned sense of being.
  • Feeling empowered and confident.
  • Becoming more physically, emotionally, and vocally powerful.
  • Nurturing a deeper connection to your womb space, where desires are held in potential form.
  • Acting in accordance with your inner source guidance system.
  • Feeling comfortable with making yourself and your service visible to the world.
  • Becoming more intuitive, magnetic, and creative.

What you will receive:

  • How to activate the healing power of your voice by learning how to use the voice as medicine for your body.
  • Learn what makes such a special magical connection and commonality between the voice and womb.
  • Regulate your nervous system by connecting breath, voice, womb, and body therapeutically through guided breathing & vocal techniques.
  • Slowing down to feel deeper! Taking your time to truly experience and enjoy. Find your way through what’s the most pleasurable to you.
  • Experience a guided voice + womb sound healing journey together, followed by journaling and sharing.
  • Stimulate your relaxation response, as vocalizing together helps us feel more connected to our bodies, our unique identity, and to each other.

How to prepare:

  • Water bottle for refilling
  • Journal for reflection
  • An item for the Alter
  • A sarong or blanket if you need

Voice + Womb Connection
Rp400k ($27USD)

- 15% discount available for KTP (Indonesian Citizen ID Card) holder. Bookings must be via our Guest Relations team and ID presented at check in. WhatsApp +62 (0) 821 4782 3397 for bookings.

Your Host

Host image

When I turned 29, I had major life change triggered by a healing crisis.

I was very busy running a full-time business, travelling globally as a musician, and studying esoteric arts. But I was overworked, burnt-out, depleted – at rock-bottom. I was running solely from my masculine energy and taking contraception for many years, this cut me off from my womb’s intelligence and natural inner cycle. I felt a deep sense of emptiness, disconnection to my body and feminine essence.

I knew I had to slow down and take some time for rest, self-care, and healing.

I found this through Sound!!! Using the voice as a tool for healing, connection, and transformation.

I felt like I had finally come home to embodiment and relaxation with a sense of softness and feminine magnetism.

It was through my own healing and years of extensive research in sound, frequency, and womb work, that I came across the wisdom of the voice + womb connection. I am now inspired to teach other women this forgotten wisdom as I can honestly say that Sound is the most direct path into voice, womb, and body liberation.

Today, I am blessed with a beautiful little girl, amazing partner, and successful creative business, which a lot has to do with creating the rich fertile soil in your womb for the endless possibilities to be born.

Are you ready to connect with our Voice & Womb?