Voice Liberation Workshop

Are you scared to use your voice for singing or just for speaking up in life? In this workshop, we dive deep to clear the blocks that are stopping you from using your voice to it’s full potential.


$70.00 per person



About this experience

Event Price = IDR1,000,000 (USD$70)

During Voice Liberation Workshop, Karina holds a safe and lighthearted space for you to express your voice. We will use vocal toning and a series of fun and exhilarating processes to expand and open your voice. You will be pleasantly surprised at the sound that will be coming through you by the end of Voice Liberation Workshop. In this exciting one-day workshop you will:

- Learn the secrets to freeing your voice that no singing teacher will every tell you.
- Improve your voice dramatically without years of practice using a simple technique that you can do anywhere.
- Move forward with your life by clearing obstacles using sound.
- Discover how to use your voice to heal yourself and others.

Your Host

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Karina was drawn to sound healing after losing most her hearing in both ears. Drawn to the way she could feel the vibrations before she could hear them, she heard the call to work with crystal bowls and with voice, and never before having vocal training prior, she learned to sing despite her limited hearing. She is on a path of continuous healing and growth using Yoga, meditation, breath work, pranayama and sound medicine, all of which she uses in her workshops.

Karina's passion lies in sharing the incredible benefits of vibrational meditation and healing using crystal bowls and her healing voice. She believes the process of letting go is not limited to the mind, and that the most effective forms of release and healing occur when the body and mind are addressed as a union.

Karina is a Sound Healer AKA Kalilah, 500RYT Yoga Teacher, Mentor, she teaches Vocal Activation and Sound Bowl Meditation, Yoga Teacher Mentor, is a Theta Healer and conducts sessions 1-1 in Bali and Online. You can read more about Karina at her website https://theyogamovement.com.au/ or on Instagram at @kalilah_music