The Awakening

Pineal Activation and Inter-Species Communication


$18.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

Was = IDR350,000 (USD$26)
Now = IDR250,000 (USD$18)

Humans have explored the benefits of combining Light frequencies with Sound stimulation for thousands of years. Trance states were often reached in ancient times through repetitive drumming and chanting, and with flickering lights produced by bonfires and candles.

Brainwave Entrainment is now achieved through the perfect synchronicity of Lights and Music – creating a whole new dimension for you to experience. This can provide a powerful effect on altering your consciousness by exposing you to specific light frequencies that stimulate your Pineal Gland to release endogenous DMT – allowing your Minds Eye to witness incredible kaleidoscopic patterns, fractals, sacred geometries, and perhaps even more…

During The Awakening sessions we will also introduce you to technology that will allow you to encounter Direct Communication with Plants. Enjoy the Music driven by Plants and your conscious thoughts towards them, projecting a sound bath of symphonies, stimulating your physical body and spiritual mind, allowing you to truly recognize that we all have a deep connection with everything around us.

Using our state of the art technology, we submerge you in the most unique environment to provide amazing stimulus, all of this being amplified within the Pyramid of the Moon. The Awakening provides for an incredible and connecting experience that will forever change the way you view Plants and your Inner Mind!

Warning: The Awakening session use Stroboscopic lights and can cause epilepsy and seizures … and will also most likely blow your mind!