The Art of Creativity


$70.00 per person


3h 30min

About this experience

Event Price = IDR1,000,000 (USD$70)

Intuitive art comes from deep within your soul, allowing you to access the inspiration and beauty within. When we let go of the rational mind, the inner critic, and allow ourselves to be guided by a deeper force we can create wondrous artworks of beauty. By using sound, ritual, meditation and intuitive art everyone can connect to their true joyful self, the outside world falls away, and you can access a deep well of unconscious creativity. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy The Art of Creativity process and the joy of expressing yourself creatively. The Art of Creativity is an exciting process of creating with abandon, joy, and tapping into the deep well of creativity within.

Explore your inner creative self, the sacred part of you using sound journey and intuitive art. No artistic experience or ability is required as instruction will be given. Just be there with an open mind and heart ready to find the deep creative well within yourself! Lead by a qualified Artists and Gong Masters from around the world. All materials will be provided.