Tantra Workshop

...with Indian Master Karan


$63.00 per person


2h 30min

About this experience

Event Price = IDR850,000 (USD$63)

This 2-hour workshop can be participated as a single or couple and will cover:
-Partner breath work - Through chaotic breathing patterns, repressed energy and negative
emotions are released to get into orgasmic/ ecstatic state
-Sufi and bhakti body movements
Experience a state of no mind with healing energy being created
-Partner sound meditation, Tibetan and Buddhist methods
Humming activates positive centres in one's brain which creates deep relaxation for long term
-Kundalini energy activation methods
-Partner mantra singing
-Partner meditations including conscious touch, eye gazing and hugging but nothing is sexual.
-Understanding ancient tantra wisdom of vigyan bhairav tantra, bhagavad gita.

This workshop can help participants with:
-Relationships - partners, children, friends, work, opposite gender / Fear from Men’s issues / Resolve
-Parent issues / Deepening Intimacy / Improve Health - body pain, chronic diseases / Resolve mind
-problems like overthinking, depression, insomnia / Begin or deepen your Spiritual journey / Resolve
-Sexual problems like body shaming, sex shame & orgasm dysfunction / Resolve addictive behavior -
-Smoking, drinking, drugs

It is best to wear loose clothes and eat a light meal before the class.

Your Host

I’m Karan, an Indian Tantra and yoga master.

I’m in service to humanity by giving people the techniques to become relaxed and fully alive.

I have been practicing Hatha, Kundalini, Kriya and Tantra yoga since I was six years old. When I saw my mother endlessly suffer from health and relationship problems despite her years of yoga practice, I knew something was wrong with techniques that are being taught today.

My life took a direction of finding out how I could end all the problems me and my mother were experiencing.

I tried all the ancient eastern techniques like yoga, tantra, Buddhist meditation and in 2018 I experienced a deep inner transformation.

From that moment and on my life was in deep relaxation, peace and harmony. I felt a deep sense of freedom which is still here today. All my problems were gone and my life was total bliss and joy.

I could finally really understand the ancient wisdom of the enlightened masters like Krishna Buddha and how their techniques could end all problems of humanity.

During my search for inner transformation I did a lot of projects and experiments. One them was building an online community for women to share their experiences around health and food, which led to working with an online women’s health community where I saw the yoga and meditation results of one million women.

I worked with many well known yoga teachers to analyse the performance and results of thousands of yoga students.

In 2014 I attended the Ignite program of Stanford University where I worked with different health researchers and doctors and came to the conclusion that western therapy only works on one or two dimensions like mind and body, emotions and energy instead of working holistically on all the four dimensions.

I have been experimenting with my techniques for over 10000+ hours by coaching different people, ranging from couples, children, top yoga teachers, olympic athletes, top models and renowned doctors from all over the world and finally found the right training model everyone can learn and apply in their own life.

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