Tantra Workshop

...with Indian Master Karan


$60.00 per person


2h 30min

About this experience

This 2-hour workshop can be participated as a single or couple and will cover:
-Partner breath work - Through chaotic breathing patterns, repressed energy and negative
emotions are released to get into orgasmic/ ecstatic state
-Sufi and bhakti body movements
Experience a state of no mind with healing energy being created
-Partner sound meditation, Tibetan and Buddhist methods
Humming activates positive centres in one's brain which creates deep relaxation for long term
-Kundalini energy activation methods
-Partner mantra singing
-Partner meditations including conscious touch, eye gazing and hugging but nothing is sexual.
-Understanding ancient tantra wisdom of vigyan bhairav tantra, bhagavad gita.

This workshop can help participants with:
-Relationships - partners, children, friends, work, opposite gender / Fear from Men’s issues / Resolve
-Parent issues / Deepening Intimacy / Improve Health - body pain, chronic diseases / Resolve mind
-problems like overthinking, depression, insomnia / Begin or deepen your Spiritual journey / Resolve
-Sexual problems like body shaming, sex shame & orgasm dysfunction / Resolve addictive behavior -
-Smoking, drinking, drugs

It is best to wear loose clothes and eat a light meal before the class.

Rp: 850k / USD $60.00

Your Host

Master Karan is an lndian yoga/tantra master who has experienced the state of meditation and now
lives in this state 24/7.

-He has past life experience in meditation with enlightened masters like Krishna and Guru
Nanak, who both represent Shiva’s energy.
-He built an online women's health community with 1 million women sharing their yoga and
meditation results (sheroes.com)
-He has more than 10000 hours of experience testing his techniques on people from all over the world.
-He studied western methods like hypno/psycho therapy, breathwork and eastern methods like Tai Chi, Aryuveda and energy healing at Stanford University.

FB/INSTA: themasterkaran