Spiritual Awakening Ceremony

Mantra chanting, spiritual talks on enlightened masters, fire ceremony and sharing circle


$11.00 per person



About this experience

On this Powerful day, according to Vedic astrology and ancient texts, a special alignment occurs. Not only is there a shift in the spiritual vibration but it is also a suitable time to connect with the energy of the enlightened masters and burn away all the shadows.

This rare cosmological occurrence potentiates a great shift, impacting the former contours of our existence and thereby expanding our mind and vision towards a beneficial innovative, collaborative (Aquarius) horizon.

The ceremony includes:

• Special mantras to connect with higher source and consciousness.
• Understanding ancient wisdom of enlightened masters like Buddha, Patanjali, Krishna and Mahavatar Babaji.
• Sharing circle to co-create and impact the collective unconscious.
• Ceremony to honour the divine feminine through goddess’ like Kali, Durga and Laxmi.
• Special Prasad prepared by Indian priests.
• Harmonize your energy field through activating the healing vibrations in your voice.

Price = IDR150k ($11USD)

Your Host

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The ceremony will be facilitated by a team of Indian yogis, priests and musicians who believe in oneness and selfless service.