Pyramids of Chi

Soul Dance Activation

Movement + Expression + Connection + Freedom

About this experience

Soul Dance Activation inspires free movement of your body by creating a non-judgmental space for your expression to flourish in connection with your authentic SELF. The Pyramid of the Earth is a playground for your inner child to be free and flow. 

We will dance to return to our ancient tribal nature and connect to our bodies for life celebration. Soul Dance Activation takes you on a journey to feel your original, innocent life force flow through your body to open new space in your life. 

This session recalls dance as a human original, non-verbal expression, illuminating and releasing shame around your body and your natural, instinctual expression.

You won’t need a dancing background, just prepare and show up with your authentic self.

You are welcome as you are. 

Session structure:

  • Energy connection circle with earth, the sacred space, self and others present
  • Guided energy activation through voice and music
  • Free expression through movement and dance
  • Savasana and grounding
  • Community integration, sharing and closing circle

Soul Dance Activation
IDR200,000 ($13USD)

Your Host

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Mana dances from heart and expresses soul through her body. Her spiritual journey led her into merging physical body with mystical soul. Sensitively tapping into mystical worlds, she weaves energy creating space for the mind to trustfully journey across dimensions, for body freely being soul expressions of the moment.