Singing Bowl and Gong Training Course

Learn the art and science of sound healing, in an internationally acclaimed, advanced level sound healing & training workshop.


$799.00 per person



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Investment $US799
Morning registration 8.45am. Please arrive on time.
Morning sessions from 9am to 12pm and afternoon sessions from 2-5pm.
Time of sessions may vary.

5 Days ( 35 hrs. ) IVT Level 1 Intensive Training Workshop
(Himalayan Singing Bowls 3 days and Gong Foundations 2 days)
Integrative Vibrational Therapy Certificate:
Learn the Art & Science of Sound Healing, with world renowned Holistic Therapist. This Seminar will make you competent & qualified enough to apply advanced Sound healing techniques with Singing Bowls and Gongs to help your family, friends with their physical & emotional distress as well as work professionally to heal & help people around you.

Workshop participants will leave this workshop proficient in the use and treatment with Singing Bowls, Gongs  & will be able to integrate this valuable skill the very next day in their personal & professional healing work, deep yoga & meditation practice, self healing , spiritual journey & to alter their consciousness for a greater peace & happiness in life.

SOUND Healing techniques to help people with
1. Wide range of physical, emotional, psychological and medical ailments with
2. Holistic Healing Approach.
3. Better Relationship
4. Pregnancy
5. Mentally challenged patients
6. School kids / Children
7. Pets Care
8. Relaxation & Stress reduction
9. Spiritual Enlightenment
10. ”One on One” Healing Sessions as well as for large gathering & groups.
11. ”Self – Healing” & Meditation.

No Pre-requisite or eligibility Criteria needed to join this workshop

Salient Feature of Advanced Level Sound Therapies & Training Workshop:
-To make the  sound therapy simple, cost-effective & practical, offers one of the world’s finest & most powerful healing grade set of Singing Bowls to its Level 1 students. This set consisting of New Age healing Set  ( 3 pcs. of Singing Bowls ) + Unique meditation Singing Bowls ( 1 pc. of Singing Bowls ) + Tingsha bell + 6 pcs. of assorted size of highly specific musical beaters + 4 pcs. of cushions.This Set comes in a nice eco-friendly Bag, total wt. approx. 8 Kgs / 18 pounds. The bowls can fit inside each other can be carried in with 12″ x 12 ” dimension bag easily.This is a scientifically created Bowl set, 100% Hand- hammered and made with the thousands of year old technique still applied by  master artisans. Artisans are inheritors of this ancient art, passed on through generations of their ancestors & have attained mastery of their art creates superior quality healing grade Singing Bowls.

-Each & every bowl is unique & is tested in term of sizes, thickness of rim, depth of Bowl, finish on the body, tonal quality, sound sustenance, frequency range by  experts to create a perfect set of therapeutic grade Singing Bowls for Sound healers & professionals. Bowls set offered directly from the SOURCE to its students across the globe with 100 % guarantee on quality @ the most competitive retail prices than anywhere in the world. These Amazing healing Set is now being used by thousands of  certified professionals worldwide for last several years with tremendous success & global recognition.

What you will Learn:
-Science & philosophy of Sound Healing based on Ancient Vedic philosophy & Modern Science.
-Scientific introduction to Singing Bowls : The Most Powerful SOUND Healing tool
-Therapeutic approach to play Singing Bowls
-Professional approach to offer sound healing “one on one session” or Group of people , family / friends or thousands of People
-Scientific explanation, Demonstration & Hands on Training, Question & Answer -Session of each & every therapy

-How to give Singing Bowl Healing for a group of 10 – 100 people
-Guided Sound Meditation with Singing Bowls

-Setting up the healing environment
-Creating sacred space – cleansing and harmonising
-Tuning-in and conscious breath
-The power of intention and prayer
-Using positive affirmations
-Apply crystals and essential oils
-Integration of other healing modalities.

Learn Some of the most powerful & practical  SOUND Therapy Protocols, developed & created over years of dedicated scientific research.

Gong Foundational Training: 2 Day Gong foundational Training
In this training course, you will learn:
-The Philosophy of the gong
-Fundamental on approaching the gong and holding the mallet
-Techniques for single and combination mallet strikes
-The effects of playing different areas and percussion points of the gong
-How to create a full experience of sound with rhythm, volume, and playing patterns
-How to build playing sequences to create a gong session
-How to select and take care of your gong
-The role of intuition and meditation in gong playing
-The use of the gong in yoga and healing.
-Hand held techniques 

testimonials you may use.

"I attended Dimitri's Tibetan sound bowl & Gong trainings. I got so much more out of it than I expected! He is a very intuitive teacher and added along the course a lot of other insights, used different instruments to show us how we can make the practices into our own. I can only recommend his trainings or workshops wholeheartedly!! Fantastic experience! I left the island after my week training so much lighter and wiser!” - Mireille (Wellness Coach)

“I took the Level 1 Integrative Vibrational Therapy and learned so much about sound healing. I was completely new to sound as a therapy and after the course I’m able to apply the knowledge and help people connect and heal. It has been an amazing journey since then. I highly recommend the course with Dimitri who is very knowledgeable and supportive as well as the high quality singing bowls. In gratitude.”- Carmen Sanz (Wellness Director, Vivid Vibrations)

Your Host

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Dimitri is certified to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and also Calligraphy Yoga, having completed several Yoga Teacher Trainings and over 2000 hours trainings in Yogic Philosophy, Tantric, Pranayama, Asana, Psychotherapy and Meditation.
As a world renowned Certified professional Sound Therapist and Gong Practitioner, he finds sound, one of the most powerful healing modalities. He works with singing bowls, gongs drums, flutes and other sacred sounds on and around the body. A Certified Cranio Sacral Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Ajna Light, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Conscious Breath, Pranic Healer to name a few healing modalities he has explored.

Dimitri has continued to deepen his healing practices and expand the scope of his studies with Shamanic practices, and has been guided to develop his work as Integrative Vibrational Therapy. He works very intuitively and on a personal basis assisting the client in the best way. He integrates the sound and energetic practices often within one session when appropriate creating a much deeper experience and transformation.