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S.A.F.E. Inner Child Workshop

Seen – Accepted – Felt – Encouraged


Rp1.450.000 per person


About this experience

We are all Little Children Trapped in Adult Bodies and yearn to be Seen. Accepted. Felt. Encouraged.

We may look like grown-ups and even think we have grown up with every passing birthday, but unless you heal the subconscious wounds from your childhood, you are destined to continue to live out the sabotaging behaviour that exposes these wounds in different areas of your life.

We think we are consciously in control of our thoughts, but the truth is by the time we are 35 years old we are a set of predictable thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Your Inner Child is part of your subconscious mind and is responsible for 95% of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

How this can affect us in everyday life as adults...

  • Low self-worth/ esteem/ confidence
  • Feeling unworthy and less than
  • Financial instability
  • Debilitating anxiety/ panic attacks
  • No career fulfilment/ success
  • Co-dependency/ fear of being alone
  • Untrustworthy & untrusting
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Dismissive and unable to accept constructive feedback
  • People pleasing/ deep fear of rejection
  • Toxic abusive relationships
  • No direction or purpose in life
  • Emotional eating/ eating disorders
  • Chronic physical & mental health issues
  • Depressive/ reclusive tendencies
  • No boundaries in relationships
  • Overly sexually provocative/ prudish
  • & much more...

Low self-esteem and confidence can be traced back to the formative 1st 7 years in early childhood where your brain is predominantly in theta and delta brain waves which are rooted in the subconscious mind.

These states make you highly suggestible and are responsible for your automatic behaviours as this is where your brain, particularly your ability to discern, and belief systems are being created by your experiences, associations and environment.

So, if you have grown up in hostile environments with volatile or abusive parents, it is highly likely  your inner child does not feel seen, heard, held, felt, understood, S.A.F.E. And worthy of love.

Possible root causes of inner child trauma...

  • Parents divorced
  • Physically beaten or witnessed siblings or parents being beaten
  • Sexually assaulted or witnessed siblings or parents being sexually assaulted
  • Growing up in a cult or with highly religious parents
  • Experiencing death or grief at an early age
  • Growing up in extreme war or poverty
  • Moving home/ schools a lot as a youngster
  • Being a different colour, creed, race or religion than others
  • Overly physically unique - tall, short, lean, overweight
  • Being unsupported/ uncelebrated by parent(s)
  • Being physically/ emotionally abandoned/ rejected/ denied by parent(s)
  • Bullied at school, home or in the community
  • Having a teacher tell you will never amount to anything
  • Having a coach/ trainer push you too hard
  • Sibling rivalry/ jealousy/ inadequacy
  • Hearing/ witnessing parents fighting verbally or physically
  • Feeling unsafe to fully express self
  • Feeling unseen and unheard from adult figures

By the time we are 8 years old, 85% of the neural pathways in our brains are completely hardwired. Meaning that 85% of who we are by 8 years old is a set of predictable thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

And since the majority of these thoughts, feelings and behaviours are trapped in the subconscious mind, we are typically not even aware of them, therefore we are already headed for a predictable future of repeating our painful past.

Furthermore, any "successes" are short lived as we feel destined to die alone if we have grown up with early childhood trauma.

S.A.F.E. helps to gently heal the subconscious pain of your inner child so you feel worthy of love and live life fun, free and fulfilled.

It is of course important to be vulnerable as this makes us relatable and of course loveable..

But being vulnerable is not to be confused with complaining and choosing to stay stuck in the story as the victim

You must be responsible for your own healing!!!

What you will learn in this workshop...

  • How Healing from the Body FIRST is the key to lasting transformation, but why both theory (mind) and experience (body) are essential for true change.
  • Universal laws and principles that govern our 3d reality and how to align with them to live in flow
  • The Best Somatic Practices to help you regulate your nervous system whenever triggered.
  • How to Find Your Inner Child so you can consciously Communicate With Their Genuine Needs and Desires.
  • Fundamentals in metaphysics, axiology, psychology and neuroscience to understand why we think, feel and behave in certain ways
  • Understand and FEEL what trauma AND Healing are and are NOT.
  • The 5 Main Trauma Types and Why Developmental trauma is THE Foundation.
  • The 6 Core Wounds that You Are Born With.
  • The 6 Main Inner Child Wounds.
  • Understanding the Mother and Father Wound and how they shape your Deepest Dominant Thought Which Then Creates Your Physical Reality.
  • The 9P’s to Reparent Yourself to receive what you Yearned for Growing up
  • How to have a secure Attachment Style so You Stop Sabotaging Your Intimate Relationships….
  • Guided breathwork to release suppressed emotions healthily
  • Meditations to reduce stress and anxiety and create your dream reality.
  • Why Our Purpose Driven Trauma Healing System is the key to having the loving family dynamic you have always wanted.

S.A.F.E. Inner Child Workshop
Rp1,450k ($97USD)

- 15% discount available for KTP (Indonesian Citizen ID Card) holder. Bookings must be via our Guest Relations team and ID presented at check in. WhatsApp +62 (0) 821 4782 3397 for bookings. 

Your Host

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Mark, 40, from Scotland is the founder of Trysted Soul Healing and specialises in healing hidden generational and inner child trauma through his Purpose Driven Trauma Method.

Mark has studied, taught and helped clients all over the world in multiple capacities within the Health & Education sector - School Teacher, Sports Coach, DJ, Business Mentor, Personal Trainer, Master Life Coach, Human Design, Tantra, Breathwork, Somatic Release and Meditation Practitioner and Energy Healer.

Yes knowledge is important; but INFORMATION without INTEGRATION will NEVER give lasting TRANSFORMATION. Mark’s past experiences are what really make him such a profound teacher and healer.

His powerful story includes transcending DFSP cancer, lymes dis-ease, PTSD, debilitating anxiety, deep depression, drug, alcohol and sex addiction, a failed engagement, divorce, losing a child and extreme bullying and violence to name but a few.

Mark sees these experiences as beautiful, essential gifts from God for his soul to transcend, transform and transmute; and were the catalysts to his awakening and commitment to doing the daily inner work.
They left him with no doubt of how worthy of love we all are and the capability of our bodies innate ability to self heal when we give it the right environment.

As one of his old teacher’s Dr. Joe Dispenza told him in 2016 whilst sipping tequila in Puerto Vallarta: “Beautiful Souls Like Yours are Worth Saving”; so his mission is to help beautiful souls like yours heal the root cause of your past trauma, so you can have the loving family dynamic you have always wanted.