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Pyramids of Chi

Qi Gong

Unify mind, body & soul & transform your life through all energetic dimensions


$13.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

Upcoming session = 10am - Every Wednesday

Awaken your energies through a combination of movement, breath & meditation to create balance & harmony in your emotions, thoughts & physical being.

Workshop focus this week...


With the supporting energies of the new moon, anchor in your highest intentions through a combination of movement, breath & relaxation.

Allow clarity and wisdom to arise as you redirect your life for your highest good.

Through diving deeper into your intuitive knowing, the feeling of your true inner power will unfold.

About Qi Gong:

Energy is abundant and present all around and within us.

Just like nature we always strive to come back into harmony, however sometimes we limit ourselves by old constructs, habits and belief systems.

Qi Gong (= Energy Work) is a practice that helps you to break from the past and to work with your given energy in a more conscious and natural way. Therefore, it helps you to reduce stress & tension, resulting in becoming more grounded and brings you back into alignment with your true self. As we begin to align ourselves with the natural flow of life, we begin to experience a new sense of aliveness, purpose & peace within.

In Qi Gong we are working with the principles of Chinese medicine. So, within the practice you gain greater insights into energy channels (meridians), pressure points, elemental understanding and universal principles of Qi which you can take home with you to start developing your own sense of energy.

In every workshop you get to experience traditional Qi Gong, which has improved many lives for thousands of years, as well as channelled energy practices (utilizing mudras for example) and intuitive Qi Gong. You will learn how to tune into your own body‘s wisdom and through the intelligence of nature you will get to create practices and movements uniquely for YOU. 

How to prepare:

- Eat lightly before the session. Ideally your stomach should be empty during the practice

- Wear comfortable clothing

- Any physical condition, body type, age, emotion, pain, is welcome

Qi Gong
5pm – Thursday’s
Rp200k ($13USD)

Your Host

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Stella had an energetic awakening five years ago in which she started to intuitively heal others and herself through energy, not knowing what Reiki or Qi Gong was at that time. Since then, she opened her intuitive ability increasingly and started to channel all kinds of different energies like light codes (galactic frequencies) or working with the energies of nature in a very holistic way. Through this natural energetic initiation, she is very keen to teach you how to expand your own energetic intuition and receive the deepest insights and activations for your specific needs.

A few years ago, she found out about Qi Gong which resonated so deeply that she completed a teacher training and then embarked on a journey to teach. Learning these ancient practices gave her a solid foundation for the energy work that she was already doing. Working with energy has transformed Stella’s life massively and she continues to learn and expand her work every day. It is a lifelong journey, and she aims to evolve her teachings with the natural evolution of humankind.

Every workshop covers different themes which she intuitively chooses through listening to her inner guidance. By tuning into the energies of the season, the stars, nature, the people participating, she creates & channels relevant practices to help you align, grow and expand at this specific time and space.