Pyramids of Chi - Inner Guidance 2-Day Retreat

Going within to seek the wisdom you have always owned…


$350.00 per person



About this experience

Going within to seek the wisdom you have always owned…

Join us at Pyramids of Chi for two days of inner guidance work using proven modalities to seek the wisdom from within that you have always owned.

Call in the values that you want in your life and release what no longer serves you to connect with your authentic self and live a life of harmony.

This two-day retreat is hosted by Kevin Westrich, aka Joseph White Owl and Mark Reid, aka Trysted Soul both experts in the health, wellness and spirituality field with a combined 40 + years of experience.

Day 1 – Intention Setting + Inner Guidance Work + Journaling + Ancient Sound Healing + Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Day 2 – Healing Inner Trauma + Breathwork + Energy Work + Somatic Release + Chakra Alignment Meditation + Ice Bath Therapy + Inner Child Work + Healing Circle + Play

Pyramids of Chi Café by Malaika will provide the home-made, plant based, organic, gluten free, mostly raw and living food with only naturally occurring sugars for lunch each day.

Join us for this transformational retreat and welcome a life of balance and harmony.

Detailed Schedule

DAY 1 with Kevin Westrich aka Joseph White Owl

9:00am – Welcome & Introduction

Be welcomed by Peter McIntosh, Co-Founder of Pyramids of Chi and your host for Day 1, Kevin Westrich, aka Joseph White Owl

10:00am – Intention Setting & Inner Guidance Workshop

Intention setting is to bring what you want into your life and release what no longer serves you so that you can find a deeper sense of harmony within yourself to connect to the authentic self.

The Inner Guidance Workshop will take you deeper into yourself to find the answers that you seek. It will also help you to release old patterns of behaviour, belief systems, and such that no longer serves you. Using several proven modalities, Kevin will hold a sacred and safe space for you to explore your inner makeup.

12:30pm – Lunch

Home-made, plant based, organic, gluten free, mostly raw and living food with only naturally occurring sugars.

1:30pm – Silent Retreat & Journaling

Reflect on your immersive morning experience in silence and journal with guided prompts to assist you in coming to realisations and resolutions for transformation.

2:00pm – Ancient Sound Healing

An Ancient Sound Healing session guides you into an effortless state of relaxation. The process is as scientific as it is mysterious. It requires nothing but your presence to be fully appreciated, but it must be experienced to be understood.

3:30pm – Break

Return to your hotel to refresh & grab a self-catered dinner

6:00pm – Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Gong Sound Healing

The 3-hour Sacred Cacao Ceremony is a space for those who are ready to awaken their hearts and connect with others through guided meditation, intention setting, cacao ceremony, heart songs, ecstatic dance, connection, and a live gong sound healing. It is time to experience the majesty of plant medicine and sound medicine combined!

DAY 2 – with Mark Reid aka Trysted Soul

9:00am – Welcome & Uncovering and Healing Hidden Trauma Workshop

Learn why regulating our nervous system with a BODY and MIND approach is the key to deeply connected relationships with our loved ones. Mark will teach you the 5 Main Types of Traumas, Big T and Little T, the 6 major inner child wounds, mother/father wound and how this shapes your deepest dominant thoughts, how these impact our adult relationships and how healing the vagus nerve (trauma nerve) through somatic & cognitive practices allows us to restore the nervous system to calm.

10:00am – Breathwork, Energy Medicine, Chakra Alignment, Sound & Somatic Release

Our body remembers what our mind forgets, so this blend of Breathwork, energy medicine, chakra alignment, sound & somatic release heals the deep unconscious trauma and energetic blocks that are stored within the body.

11:30am – Ice Bath Therapy

Ice Bath Therapy is a powerful tool for wellness with incredible physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Break through your fears and limiting belief systems using the correct, calming breathing techniques and master your fears, reach a bliss state within the ice & unlock your true-life potential.

12:00pm – Lunch

Home-made, plant based, organic, gluten free, mostly raw and living food with only naturally occurring sugars.

1:00pm – Freeing Your Inner Child Workshop

Learn how to nurture your inner child and reparent yourself to express, WITH NO FILTER, exactly how and what you wished you were able to do growing up. Mark will teach you the 6-P’s of reparenting, identifying what emotion and where it is stored in the body, before going into an inner child meditation and then silent journaling to process any anger, fear, guilt, shame, joy, gratitude that comes up.

2:30pm – Healing Circle & Closing Ceremony

This is an opportunity to fully move stagnant emotions that no longer serve from the body via our throat chakras to express whatever is on your mind and heart. To be heard fully and if desired live feedback with tools/ processes  to continue to self-regulate after the retreat.

Celebrate in closing  and let the inner child free with games, music and dance for those that like to move or shift to the garden or café space for quiet reflection.


Join us for this transformational retreat and welcome a life of balance and harmony.

*We can recommend accommodation within walking distance to suit differing budgets and star ratings. Please enquire with our staff.

**We reserve the right to cancel the retreat should minimum guest numbers of 5-participants not be met

Inner Guidance 2-Day Retreat
May 26 & 27
Rp4,900,000 ($350USD)

About Your Hosts –

Kevin Westrich aka Joseph White Owl

Kevin’s life experiences have taken him from corporate financial environments to small business ownership and humanitarian missions from Cuba to Lourdes, France, and Africa. He is also an Author, Speaker, Guide and Spiritual Teacher.

After 10 years spent in the financial world managing Fortune 500 companies, Kevin had his first awakening at the age of 40 after exploring yoga, meditation and acupuncture which opened him to his spiritual journey and learnings. This first experience was so life altering that he left his successful career and everything he owned to enter his path of inner truth. Which led him to Sedona, in Arizona, where he spent 21 years navigating small business ownership to the mystical synchronicities.

Following his intuition and his heart along with spiritual teachers Grandfather Morning Owl and Swami Buddha Nanda, his path trans-versed from near death experiences to indigenous ceremonies and the development of soulful journey.

Wanting to add another dimension to his knowledge, Kevin decided to follow a master’s degree in Trans-personal psychology with an emphasis in spirituality which allowed him to combine both mystical and practical methodologies.

Immersed in healing and sound therapies for so long his need to share and being in service brought him in alignment with his life calling to Bali where he conducts sound healing, ceremonies, and therapy sessions to assist and guide others in the process of awakening to their inner knowing and purpose.

Some of the tools used during his workshops include Relationship counselling, beginning Meditation, intention setting, grief therapy, kinesiology, neuro-emotional release work, inner-child work, letter writing and sound healing etc.

Mark Reid aka Trysted Soul

Mark Reid, 39, from Scotland has studied, taught, and helped clients all over the world in multiple capacities within the Health & Education sector - School Teacher, Sports Coach, Business Mentor, Personal Trainer, Master Life Coach, Tantra, Breathwork and Meditation Practitioner and Energy Healer.

Mark specialises in helping others heal generational trauma through his Purpose Driven Trauma Method, so your partner and kids break the cycle and avoid the same suffering.

As Dr Joe Dispenza told him many years ago as they sipped tequila in Puerto Vallerta "Beautiful Souls Like Yours are Worth Saving"...

So, his mission is to pass this on and help you heal your painful past and build your dream future, NOW, doing what you love with those you love most, in the best health possible for as long as possible.

Your Host

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This retreat will be hosted by Kevin Westrich aka Joseph White Owl and Mark Reid aka Trysted Soul.