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Nadabrahma Meditation

Grounding through sound, bring body and mind into harmony.

About this experience


Nadabrahma is a humming meditation, based on an ancient Tibetan method. It is a technique to open you to trust, calm the mind, balance emotions & recharge your energy; allowing you to surrender into deeper states of serenity & ecstasy. Through humming & hand movements all the cells of the body start vibrating. Conflicting parts within yourself start attuning, and you bring harmony to your whole being. This helps to become a witness and watch from the outside. Part of this meditation is about connecting to your own and the universal energy through states of giving and receiving. This has a profound effect on balancing masculine and feminine qualities within, and in aspects of your life. The meditation is followed by a restorative sound bath, with Himalayan & Crystal bowls.

Benefits of Humming Why Humming is so Healing? 

The answer is through vibration. When people hum, they create vibrations inside the body. This causes the brain cells to react and vibrate, too. When that happens, the molecular structures of the body experience changes and healing effects. Many parts of the body can be hit by the vibrations you created through humming, and this includes the vagus nerve. This nerve helps spread the vibrations even further, reaching different organs and passing through the throat. This nerve is also connected to the brain, chest, and stomach. The goal of this mindful movement meditation is for the mind and body to be in a parallel position. Humming is done so that the conflicting parts of your body will fall in tune. This way, inner balance and harmony between mind and body will be achieved. So, what exactly happens to the body when you hum? The following points summarize the health benefits.

• Enhance the immune system

• Boost cardiovascular system

• Develop strength and energy

• Promote good sleep

• Improve empathy and compassion

• Improve digestion

According to studies, humming really does have plenty of therapeutic benefits. No wonder it has been practiced by yogis and ancient people in the past. Your body also benefits from an increase in certain molecules and hormones such as nitric oxide, melatonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. Who is this mediation good for It is for everyone, and great for someone who cannot participate in any rigorous, energetic & cathartic method. This meditation helps you for being grounded and centered, calm the nervous system. It can be very helpful for anyone who suffers from throat, bronchial, lung, or chest problems or who has communication difficulties.


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90 minutes
IDR300k ($20USD)

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Your Host

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Susanne Anaya,. Meditation Teacher & Sound Healing Facilitator. Artist by heart & craft, Susanne gave up a successful career in the international fashion industry & metropolitan lifestyle to listen to her inner voice, retreat into nature and deepen her path into Yoga, Meditation and Sound.

Already as a child, Susanne was soaking up the wisdom of meditation practices, as these formed a part of her mother’s daily practice. Her love for sound and energy healing were also very present and later in life she actively and playfully started exploring these realms for her benefit.

Susanne explored different yoga, tantra and meditation techniques and traditions, studied with renowned teachers and now shares sound healing & meditation to connect people to their true nature. Meditation taught Susanne how to listen within, to trust her feelings, body and intuition. It helped her to embody self- love and live a life of purpose, joy and fulfillment, after a period of unhealthy, unhappy living in ways that didn’t spark her soul. It transformed her life and shifted her reality completely. It is Susanne’s life’s work to pass on these powerful tools of awakening, and to create safe spaces for authentic self- expression, embodiment and healing so we may all step into our full potential and experience the blissful nature that is inherently within.