Manifestation Cacao Ceremony

Live Heart Songs with Luciana


$25.00 per person



About this experience

Event Price = IDR350,000 (USD$25)

This ceremony was specifically designed for you to realign and tap into to the natural flow of the Universe. Through a guided manifestation meditation and high vibrational live heart songs, you will step into the field of infinite potentiality, abundance and unconditional love, if you are open to it. From that place, not only anything, but EVERYTHING is possible.

For over 3.000 years, ancient tribes in Central America, South America and Mexico have been having cacao ceremonies in order to reconnect with nature and with their own nature. Meanwhile and even before that, ancient civilizations in different places of the globe were building pyramids with the intention to merge with the almighty, universe or God.

An extremely powerful vortex is created as a result, when a Cacao Ceremony happens inside a Pyramid. Not to mention in Bali, the island of the Gods. It generates a rich soil for us to plant any seeds of intentions in our lives.

Join us in this magical ceremony and manifest your dream life. *If you pay beforehand, please ensure you arrive at the Pyramids before 5:30pm to check in.

* Please note that due to the preparation needed for this ceremony, we reserve the right to cancel the event in the case that less than 10 participants register for the event.

* Fresh fruit and tea will be served after the ceremony.

* We also organize private cacao ceremonies for groups at the Pyramids of Chi. If you wish to book a private Manifestation Cacao Ceremony, please get in touch at