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Manifestation Cacao Ceremony

Step into the field of infinite potentiality, abundance, and unconditional love...


$23.00 per person



About this experience

Would you like to vibrate in the highest frequency of love while manifesting your dreams?

This might be the deepest and most liberating journey you have ever taken. The Manifestation Cacao Ceremony is based on the fact that everything is seamlessly connected and that the frequency you vibrate in is what you attract. After this ceremony you will be lighter, relaxed and vibrating in love, if you are open to it.

This heartfelt ceremony is a therapeutic journey, enabling you to lovingly touch your darkness as well as your light. You will have the opportunity to let go of the baggage in your life that no longer serves you and to connect to the part of you that can forgive, and cultivate compassion and gratitude.

Have you ever felt your heart overflow with love? Each step of the journey is done with live music. Music has the ability to touch our hearts and our subconscious minds in a deep way. It has the power to transform the vibration of our body. And so does the sacred plant medicine of Cacao. Together the two create magic beyond comprehension.

Come sit around the gorgeous Flower Mandala “bonfire” and manifest your dream life!

Manifestation Cacao Ceremony
3 hours
IDR350k ($23USD)

*We reserve the right to cancel Manifestation Cacao Ceremony should minimum numbers of 10-guests not be met. Please arrive at least 15-minutes early, we start at 5pm sharp.

- 15% discount available for KTP (Indonesian Citizen ID Card) holder. Bookings must be via our Guest Relations team and ID presented at check in. WhatsApp +62 (0) 821 4782 3397 for bookings. 

Your Host

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The facilitator of this journey is Luciana Mesquita from Brazil, or the Cacao Queen of Bali as many call her. She is an experienced international transformational coach and theta-healer. Her wisdom is directly mirrored into the powerful sequence of this transformative ceremony. Luciana is a beam of light. She is extremely loving and playful, and has no expectations on the participants. Her guidance gracefully takes us on a journey that touches many aspects of our inner universe, in a beautiful way.