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About this experience

Click the 'enquire now' button to email Sarah-Jane directly and arrange a suitable reading time. Include 'Pyramids of Chi' in the subject line to receive 5-minutes FREE reading time.

Are you seeking answers during these uncertain times?

Introducing Sarah-Jane, our resident tarot card reader, instructor and channeller. Of many intuitive talents Sarah-Jane prides herself on lack of vagueness and timeline precision. Have your life questions at the ready, or simply allow her to channel the universe just to and for you, to totally connect to higher self with clarity, resolution, and empowerment.

How does it work?

Readings are on-line via Zoom in 30-minute increments to better and safely serve at this current time, for a global reach. 

Once you send an enquiry to Sarah-Jane she will return your email within 24 hours to arrange a suitable reading time. You will then receive the Zoom link and any other necessary instructions.

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Want to know more?

Clarity, empowerment, and resolution. These are the three inspirational words that Sarah-Jane defines her readings by. Yes, the cards are used, however she is a psychic medium who is also channelling your reading to you, with the cards prompting rather than studying them one by one.

This method allows for precision and detailed information. Sarah-Jane prides herself on her delivery in clear concise terms, with timelines being her forte.

With a global reach, Sarah-Jane has a following of faithful clients who regularly check in, and her strong reputation has been born from word of mouth recommendation, which she feels is the best kind.

Her upbeat energy and personality will leave you feeling lighter and connected, and whatever your reading may deliver, you will feel a sense of well-being and positivity - as this is who she is. As she is also a life coach, she is well equipped to ‘see’ your bigger picture from the highest vibration. After all, the universe doesn’t judge and neither does Sarah-Jane.

Your well-being is what is most important.

Your Host

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Semi-Bali based for over two decades, Sarah-Jane delivers sessions to her clients through the use of intuition, NLP, EFT, Reiki, Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy (of which she is a certified practitioner in all fields) thus providing empowerment, clarity and truth. She is not a fortune-teller but an intuitive. She also facilitates and holds retreats and has been resident at several prestigious properties (as well as assist coaching Dr. Rangana), having created a large expatriate.