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Transform and heal relationships with ancient practices.


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$70.00 per person



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Transform and heal relationships with ancient practices.

This 2-hour workshop LIVE via ZOOM Online can be participated as a single or couple, and will cover ancient techniques such as breathwork, emotional release, meditations and energy work.

Meditations to create trust, gratitude and acceptance.

Understanding how love making can become like a meditation. Creating deep intimacy at a physical, emotional and energetic level.

Breathwork to release emotional trauma from past relationships.

Letting go of emotions such as jealousy, insecurity, anger and sadness to create harmonious long-term connections.

Practices for self-love resolving sexual problems such as body shaming, sex shame and orgasm disfunction.

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Price = $70USD (IDR980,000)

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Karan is an Indian meditation teacher with 20 years of experience with different yogic, Buddhist, Zen, and Sufi meditations.
He researched the benefits of meditation at Stanford and how it integrates with western therapies.
He stayed at over 100 ashrams in India to deeply experience various meditation practices and how they work together for holistic transformation.
As a conscious entrepreneur, he also created ventures to transform kids’ education and women's health.