LIVE Online Chakra Healing Meditation

Balance your energetic centres & create enhanced states of consciousness


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$10.00 per person


1h 15min

About this experience

Chakras are energetic centres as explained in all traditions of yoga, Buddhism and Zen. Healing chakras can bring energetic balance to one's system and create enhanced states of consciousness.

Buddha, Patanjali and Krishna, all ancient Indian Masters have spoken about healing of chakras to deepen one's spiritual journey.

Explore in this workshop:
- The sounds of different chakras
- Using sound to activate positive centres in one's brain to create long term, deep relaxation
- Clearing unconscious thoughts through sound
- The energetic feeling between sound and chakra energy

How does it work?

Once you book your ticket you will receive an email within 48-hours with your personal link to the Zoom room along with step by step log in instructions. (please ensure you input your email address during the booking process)

The event date and time listed is Bali’s time zone (GMT+8). Please check your own cities time zone to ensure the event time will be suitable for you before booking. A very simple way is to Google ‘Bali time Vs [insert your home city].

Price = $10USD (IDR140,000)

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Your Host

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Karan is an Indian meditation teacher with 20 years of experience with different yogic, Buddhist, Zen, and Sufi meditations. He also researched the benefits of meditation at Stanford.