Full Moon Ceremony

Amplifying energy, culmination, realization, fulfillment, gratitude, abundance


$21.00 per person


2h 30min

About this experience

The Full Moon Ceremony is a time to be prepared and open to receiving and amplifying energy and push forward the intentions made during the New Moon.

Prepare for transformation and the harvest of intentions during our shamanic fire ceremony, followed by an immersive Ancient Sound Healing in the Pyramid of the Sun and ending with a nutritious, 3-course dinner.

Always an evening to remember at this special time of the month.

What's Included in our Full Moon Ceremony?

- Refreshing welcome drink
- Introduction to Sound Healing and Pyramid Power
- Shamanic Fire Ceremony welcoming in the 4-directions and harvesting intentions from the flames
- 1-hour Ancient Sound Healing session in the Pyramid of the Sun
- Nutritious 3-course dinner including vegan entrée of the day, local vegan massaman curry with red rice, vegan desert of the day, free flow lemongrass and ginger tea and free flow hot chocolate (not vegan)

Wear something conformable and check-in by 4:30 pm, we start at 5:00pm sharp.

Was = IDR400,000 (USD$30)
Now = IDR300,000 (USD$21)

Your Host

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Our Moon Ceremonies are run by a team of experienced sound healing practitioners each with their own skills and musical talents.