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Event Price = IDR5,000,000 (USD$355)

With Joseph White Owl. This workshop includes all materials, the drum, a drum carrying bag and drum stick (called a beater). The skin of the drum has been brought back by Joseph White Owl from the southwest from Sedona, Arizona & is made of elk skin. He personally brought them back with him when I was in Sedona just a few weeks ago for this workshop.

The drumming circle is a sacred ceremony and the drum is a Powerful musical instrument and Shamanic tool. We know it in most indigenous cultures as The Voice. The drum's skin creates a sound unique just like the uniqueness of each of us as being human. The skin is made from the hide of an elk so it is thick and strong, thick as in its depth and strong because of the hide.

Drums are used in ceremony and also in healings. And when created with your own hands, Held with an intention of love, It will serve that person, Together, Very powerfully. Whether it be used for one's individual transformation, for that of another, or for a group that Gathers.

This is a time for 5 people to come together and open their hearts to create their sacred drum. And it is really about also engaging their shamanic power, that life energy that's within them, in another way.

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