Pyramids of Chi

Crystal Bowl Healing Intro Class

with Amma Lu

About this experience

Experience the Magic of the Alchemy Crystal bowls that are known to remove obstacles from one's path, open energetic portals to the miraculous, and help one awaken and embody their inherent Wisdom more deeply.

The unique Alchemy Crystal bowls in this class are known as Supergrades.  They are Master Healers that can Awaken Divine Realms and infinite possibilities within us.  Each sound bowl serves a particular function of restoring the endocrine system and higher functioning of the body, mind and spirit. 

Receive a hands-on introduction to the world of Crystal Sound Healing and why these Alchemy Crystal Bowls are so effective at causing spontaneous cellular healing and shifts in consciousness.

Anyone can take this class.  Come prepared with your intentions for release as energy will move and transmute in this session!

Session structure:

  • Introduction & hands-on playing with the bowls
  • Live sound healing session to experience their power
  • Integrative exercises of the material learned


  • Chance for spontaneous shifts in the body
  • Chance for spontaneous shifts in the mental and emotional patterns
  • Greater stability, grounding and peacefulness as the root cause of tension is removed
  • Greater connection and access to Infinite Consciousness
  • A playful introduction to the world of crystal frequencies that brings you more into your body vs your mind

Crystal Bowl Healing Intro Class
IDR2,500,000 ($167USD)

Your Host

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Amma Lu is a world-renowned spiritual healer and Kumu Sage or a “wisdom teacher to many”. She is known for working with complex illnesses after healing herself from heart and thyroid disease at the age of 24. Her healing sessions induce balance and alignment across all levels of mind, body and spirit. She works with high-profile celebrities to people all over the world who are interested in intuitive pathways to self-healing and deepening into greater love and authenticity.