Breathing Cold Workshop


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About this experience

LIMITLESS - Embrace Discomfort

Breathing Cold Workshop, inspired by Wim Hof, Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle and my kids.

We breathe 25,000 times every day, 25,000 opportunities to start a new relationship with your mind.

What are you breathing for?

TAKE A DEEP BREATH… does any of those statements resonate with YOU?

- I am struggling to focus
- I tend to procrastinate
- I can’t make clear decisions
- I am lost and look for my purpose in life
- I tend to self-doubt myself and feel depressed at time
- I have low energy that impacts my capability to remain motivated
- I have trouble sleeping

The TRUTH is, millions every single day are struggling with the exact same issues.

Multi tasking, constantly stuck in front of our phone, bombarded by social media crap, racing thoughts of the monkey brain but also bad food habits, pollution, stress... Those are impacting our ability to STAY FOCUSED, experience HIGH LEVELS OF ENERGY & enjoy LIMITLESS motivation & drive.

In Breathing Cold Workshop, Alex will share the techniques he learned over the years, and helped him OVERCOME depression, self-doubt, fatigue, anxiety and fear.
This is the SHORTCUT to unlock yourself, a practical tool to incorporate in your DAILY ROUTINE. Alex is now on a PERSONAL MISSION to impact others with the groundbreaking techniques that could help them live their life at their FULLEST POTENTIAL.

It is TIME to finally:
- Unlock the full potential of your brain
- Discover the key to better health, more energy, and a better mood
- Interrupt your stress response through breathing
- Use your breath to change your biochemistry and hack yourself

Video introduction and many video testimonials:

In the 4th Breathing Cold Workshop, Alex will share:
- The “LIMITLESS” program incorporating breathing, self massage, pranayama techniques to get you to connect deeply with your body.
- The science behind the method and what is happening BIOLOGICALLY when you breathe, hold your breath and immerse in a cold bath.
- An incredible breathing session combined with the magical sound healing of PYRAMIDS OF CHI.
Exposition to the COLD, playing with extremities then full immersion.
- PRACTICAL TIPS to breathe better, sleep better, control your immune system and face your fear.

- A water bottle
- A yoga mat (available there if you don’t have one)
- A notebook (optional)
- A swimsuit (towel provided)
- An open mind and a brave heart!

I recommend to skip breakfast to get the most of the breathing techniques.

Please be mindful of the group and arrive 15 min before the starting time of Breathing Cold Workshop.

If you can’t receive your banking OTP when purchasing your ticket for Breathing Cold Workshop, please book directly with Guest Relations via email or phone/SMS/WhatsApp +62 (0) 812 3888 9441 or FB Messenger

“ I can feel I can do anything, I feel stronger and healthier but also creative. The cold is now my sanctuary and figures out what i really want to do with my life.” Ulla Risager

“Meeting Alex was serendipitous. I can’t thank you enough for your teachings. You showed me how to use my breath to get to where I want to go with my mind, to the point at which it rests and heals from the stress of everyday life.” Miguel Cunat

“The magical combination of breathwork and cold is a great way to reset. I feel Revived, Resolved, Released and Rejuvenated from the shit I was carrying. It is the perfect container for transformation. Legitimately i feel transformed and I’m grateful for Alex.” Brian Kelly

“ I received beautiful messages for my spiritual journey. I will be using this more in my daily practice and go deeper.” Vanessa Holiday

"I always struggled to get out of my head and back into connection with my body. I tried meditation, yoga and just "being present" but nothing seemed to work. And then I did the session with Alex where we practiced the deep breathing technique followed by the cold water plunge. In the space of 2 hours I went from being a perambulating head on a stick to a fully integrated being...feeling totally at one with my body. It was a profoundly spiritual/emotional and deliciously physical experience. Don't let the fear of the cold turn you off...just let yourself do it and you will be surprised at how simple and transformative full mind/body integration really is." - Janet Hogan

Father of two amazing children, optimist environmentalist, Alex is passionate about inspiring people to make a positive impact in the world. He believes that if we change our relation to ourselves then we can step up in the world, have better relations with others and mother earth. Alex trained with Wim Hof in Poland which transformed his life. Alex is also the founder of BGreener, a community of 100+ business change makers in Indonesia and RefillMyBottle, the App listing where people can refill their water bottle.

“Calm breathe, open heart, conquer the world!” - A wise DUDE