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Breathe In Love

A Rebirthing Breathwork Experience

About this experience

Come for a transformational experience with your breath. In this workshop you will experience a gentle yet powerful deep dive into your subconscious to clear any stuck energy, clear out what no longer serves and come back to a place of love and acceptance for yourself.

Rebirthing Breathwork is Conscious Connected Breathing through the nose, and was created by Leonard Orr. It is the breath of love, and the breath of a new born baby, it is a gentle form of breathwork to have you dive deep into your subconscious to move energy by removing tension and stress from the body, and return you to a state of relaxation & ease.

Because of it's gentle nature, Rebirthing Breathwork can take you into transcendental spaces of consciousness, and spaces of deep and profound healing. The benefits of this practice are unique for each individual, and include (but not limited to) a deep sense of clarity, aha moments, insights, embodied knowing of your own personal truth and experiences of one-ness.

You have come here to remember the truth of who you really are and your breath is a gateway to that remembering.

Breathe In Love
5pm – Every other Friday
IDR500,000 ($35USD)


- 15% discount available for KTP (Indonesian Citizen ID Card) holder. Bookings must be via our Guest Relations team and ID presented at check in. WhatsApp +62 (0) 821 4782 3397 for bookings.

Your Host

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Karina Kalilah embodies the work she is deeply passionate about sharing with the world. Karina was drawn to Rebirthing Breathwork & Sound Healing after losing most her hearing in both ears.

Drawn to the way she could feel the vibrations before she could hear them, and towards the way the breath was bringing her back to states of love and acceptance, she heard the call to work with breath, crystal bowls and with voice.

Now, through the modalities of Rebirthing Breathwork, Vibrational Sound Healing and Voice Activation, she holds space for profound workshops, retreats and trainings, empowering you to learn how to heal yourself.

With over 15 years experience in transformational healing spaces, she holds a secure container so that you dive deep into uncovering the ever evolving expanded self, to let go of the stories of the past, clear limiting beliefs, connect with and reopen your heart to achieve a consistent state of presence and flow. She is also the founder of the Embodied Breath Academy that teaches Breathwork from a Trauma Informed and Embodied perspective.