Awakening the Illuminated Heart Ceremony

Created by Drunvalo Melchizedek & presented by Martijn Vroemen


$25.00 per person


3h 30min

About this experience

Upcoming session = Saturday, June 25 at 9 AM

Would you like to Awaken your Human Light Body Merkaba and become fully stable living within your heart?

Would you like to open your third eye for a full sensory perception of your reality and activate your beams of light, antennas, and human halo?

Would you like to move yourself from the 3D level of life on Earth to 4D?

From here you will be able to create your reality from a place of singularity, unity, love, compassion, harmony, humility & peace, rather than polarity & fear!

Join the 3.5hrs ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart Ceremony’ where you will receive all ascension tools needed for you to live in the most sacred & tiny space within your own heart.

Ascension is an inner and outer game that we get to play in every moment in this reality called life, especially during this special transition time on Earth where we are moving from the Dark into the Light Cosmic Cycle of time within our Milky Way Galaxy. Ascension is being triggered inside each one of us by the energies that are being send into our atmosphere, bodies and Earth by The Great Central Sun of All That Is. Ascension is about raising our vibration by choosing what is right for you and only you can make this decision for yourself.

The Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH) are the teachings that were given to Drunvalo Melchizedek who is part of Melchizedek consciousness which is 7- & 8-dimensional consciousness from the Star system Sirius. Drunvalo received these teachings directly from the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood of Light, the Pleiadean and Sirian Archangels of the Light (Archangel Hermes/ Thoth the Egyptian/ Atlantean). The ATIH gives you all the tools for your ascension into the next level of existence of life on Earth.

Martijn has created this Awakening the Illuminated Heart Ceremony together with the World Class Sound Healing venue Pyramids of Chi. For this ascension journey to be NEXT level. It contains all the Ancient Mystery School teachings for you to Awaken your Human Light Body, Merkaba in Egyptian or Rainbow body in Buddhism. Within the whole universe, the Merkaba is THE Light Body vehicle that allows you to raise your vibration and frequency to the highest levels of awareness and consciousness, when activated properly it IS your ascension vehicle.

This ascension journey includes the ancient secret of the Flower of Life, the Sacred Geometry of the Heart and how we carry the original reality that was created by God, Source, Creation within our first organ, the Human Heart.

We start with a Satsang sharing about the highest excitement and deepest challenge for everyone involved in the attending group. Then we’ll start with the explanation of the “Ascension: A Ceremonial Experience”:

  • Activation of the Beams of Light (antennas)
  • Activation of the Human Halo
  • Opening 3rd Eye, Pineal Chakra
  • Meditation connecting to Mother Earth, Father Sun/ Sky
  • Meditation moving from the Pineal Gland to the throat, moving into the heart
  • Moving into the Sacred Space and then into the Tiny Space within the Heart
  • Reconnecting the Heart to the Pineal Gland using the tip of the tongue on roof of the mouth
  • Reconnecting the Pineal Gland to the Pituitary Gland and pushing the energy out into the external chakra
  • Human Halo becomes activated, 3 eye opening, and sensory perception becomes fuller sensory
  • Then focus within the Tiny Space breathing above so below to activate the Human Light Body, Merkaba
  • Once Merkaba is activated and started spinning at the speed of Light
  • The last 90-degree turn, how to move from within the Tiny space of the human Heart, in a straight line from the left to the right side of your chest into your 4th dimensional Heart chakra, from there you can take the Last 90 degree turn when you feel ready to do so and have approval from your Higher Self

The total ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart Ceremony’ takes 3.5-hours. Take at least 1-hour after the ceremony to integrate before making other plans.

Cost = IDR350,000 ($25USD)

- 15% discount available for KTP (Indonesian Citizen ID Card) holder. Bookings must be via our Guest Relations team and ID presented at check in. WhatsApp +62 (0) 821 4782 3397 for bookings. 

Your Host

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Martijn founded “Living in Mana” in 2016 when he came to the realization that through yoga, meditation and surfing you are able to tap into the same Universal Purifying Energy, that Purifying Universal Energy is call Prana in India and Mana in Polynesia.

While on his favourite holiday location Bali, he had his energetic awakening. This energetic awakening activated the Mana inside of him, to living in cosmic consciousness for months until this level of consciousness subsided and became his normal waking state.