Ancient Sound Healing

*A COMPLIMENTARY VEGAN LUNCH is served with every session purchase.*


$22.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

Event Price = IDR300,000 (USD$22)
  • The Ancient Sound experience guides you into an effortless state of relaxation, The process is as scientific as it is mysterious. It requires nothing but your presence to be fully appreciated, but it must be experienced in order to be understood. Anticipate a magical Sound Healing, it could be your time, so come with an open mind and heart and 'Expect the Unexpected’.
  • Humans have known for thousands of years that sound & vibration are one of the most powerful tools in existence for healing. Long before modern science, medicine people used sound to induce deep, meditative states with others. Healers used sound and complex rituals to trigger the natural healing process of their patients. The rhythmic frequencies produced by a plethora of Ancient instrumentation during our Sound Healing Sessions, layer into an ocean of vibration. These waves interact both with the water in our bodies, with our DNA & with our chakra system aiding the intelligence of our bodies to feel, heal, relax & release.

What's Included?

  • Welcome Drink
  • An introduction explaining all about Sound Healing and Pyramid Power
  • Amazing Sound Relaxation & Potential Healing Session on the most comfortable mattresses

*Indonesian KTP holders can purchase an Ancient Sound Healing session for Rp200,000. A discount of 30%. To make your reservation please contact our guest relations team via phone or WhatsApp on 0812 3888 9441.