Akashic Records Reading

THE READING IS NOT AT PYRAMIDS OF CHI. It is located upstairs at our central PoC Box Office location on JL Monkey Forest, Ubud= just 300m south of the Ubud Palace.

About this experience

Event Price = IDR1,300,000 (USD$96)

Marie is a certified Akashic records reader. She can support you with guidance regarding questions you have about your life through reading in your Akashic records – your soul book. Find out more about your purpose in life, discover your skills, integrate abilities to heal, feel unconditional love, connect with your higher self and get access to past lives.

Imagine the Akashic records as an invisible library surrounding all of us. The Akasha is a field of unconditional love, healing and connection. Every thought, action and development which happen in the universe is stored in the Akashic records. All this information is already there – in the NOW. Akasha means “everything that is”. Marie can mentally walk into this library for you, where all the information of every soul is stored. Every soul that has ever lived, that lives now and will live in the future has its own record. Imagine Marie walking to a particular book and opening your soul book. If you have questions, Marie browses through your book and she can tell you the answers written there. She sees the answers as pictures, moving images, feels emotions or she receives messages.

An Akashic records reading opens up a whole new world for you. It helps you to understand what really matters. After a reading you will be able to see clearer, your vitality will prosper, your senses get more sensitive to perceive your environment with a more open mind.


What is needed for a reading:

  • Your full first, middle and last name

  • An open mind - The Akashic records vibrate on a higher frequency than us humans. The language Marie uses to translate what the spirits are saying to answer your question is therefore different than you would maybe expect. The spiritual world speaks in a language that is loving, understanding and appreciative.

  • You can ask any question which is related to YOURSELF. The clearer and specific a question is, the more precise Marie can receive an answer.

  • Usually, about ten questions fill one hour – depending on how comprehensive your questions are and on the length of the messages that she receives. You don’t need to know all the questions upfront. Often more questions are coming up for you while she reads your Akashic records.

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Marie's fairy-like appearance perfectly illustrates her spiritual nature, which allows her to balance on the edge of multiple realms. She discovered the world beyond our human perception as a little girl. After years of intuitively practicing energy work, yoga and reading the Akashic records, she made the decision to complete her Akashic records reader and Reiki practitioner certifications and Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga teacher training. With her ability to connect and read other people's energy so intuitively, Marie has helped countless souls to find new ways across their earthly learning path.

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