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Akashic Heart Healing

From imbalance to embodied bliss, peace & harmony


Rp2.820.000 per person



About this experience

Next reading = Thursday's & Friday's at 10:00am, by online booking & by appointment using the enquiry form below

Learn to listen deeply to what your heart and body tell you and how to act upon it. The magic lies within the simplicity of life, the power of being present.

It's truly empowering to set boundaries and speak your truth. The time has come to create that safety, build that trust, and confidently open your heart!

It's the most beautiful present you can give to yourself and others. Are you ready to create that loving and nurturing relationship with yourself?

What is Akashic Heart Healing?

Do you feel sometimes unloved or disconnected from your body?

Suppressing emotions don't support you any longer and you are curious about how to follow your inner voices?

Tap into the mystery of trusting your body, and feel the sensation of your heart in all its beauty & depth. The Akashics are the core connection to your "divine" or "true" essence of who you are. Experience your relationship with the universal quantum field through listening to your own frequency. This is the first step to embodying your heart's wisdom, it's the strongest rhythmic energy field in our bodies. Our cells hold on to stories until we release them: Time to feel, see, sense, and voice your wounds & inner scars. Allowing discomfort, tension, pain or any other kind of limit/blockage within your body to be sensed.

Welcome, all that is, and be with it, accepting yourself fully. Transformation comes with the purity of being with what is. Observe and consciously let go to lovingly open for the new. Feel deeply connected and loved on all levels of your beautiful being: emotional mental, physical, and any others.

From imbalance to embodied bliss, peace, and harmony.

What can you expect in a consultation?

We will ground together with guided meditation & open the space. You will be free to voice or share what's moving within you, and why you are here. And then we will dive into a creative combination for your healing journey which can include one or several of the following:

  • “sensing your body” (without physical touch) & increasing awareness
  • intuitive touch or massage points
  • guided meditation or movement
  • conscious breathing & self-love / self-care sensibility
  • freeing yourself through voicing/sounding & expressing

Afterward, there is time to integrate, and you are free to express your experience and receive further inspiration and support if desired. Every session is as unique as you are.

Akashic Heart Reading
Thursday’s & Friday's – 10:00am (& by appointment)
Rp2,820 ($188USD)

- 15% discount available for KTP (Indonesian Citizen ID Card) holder. Bookings must be via our Guest Relations team and ID presented at check in. WhatsApp +62 (0) 821 4782 3397 for bookings.

Do the available reading times not suit your schedule? Please send an enquiry using the form below and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Your Host

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Salina inspires souls worldwide to connect deeply with their hearts, from imbalance to harmony. Understanding the melodies of our hearts, our body's strongest rhythmic energy field, so we can breathe magic into reality.

Salina studied graphic design and communication design and kept expanding her studies with yoga, meditation, massage, and energy work as well as the wisdom and compassion that comes from being a waitress.

In co-creation, she established a community cultural center in Germany, where she taught yoga and meditation classes and was the team manager. After three successful years of bringing a new community together, Corona and lockdown came up with their own plans. Always eager for the next lesson, Salina's creativity and ability to surrender to transforming circumstances brought her to Bali. She created „Holiday for the Heart“ where she shares her wisdom of movement,

Meditation & life in intuitive sessions and other offerings. Online courses and akashic heart healings are some beautiful creations where she combines her multiple talents and supports people on how to listen to their bodies, trust their feelings and confidently live their authentic beings.

Learn from your failures, reveal limiting blocks, and be inspired to refine your consciousness to trust your heart. It is the diamond of your being, your natural essence of who you are.