Famous for its painter’s community, Ubud is special in more ways than one. It has its own magic, and its particularly beautiful surroundings and gracious way of life have drawn celebrities and artists from all over the world in recent decades; some have even adopted Ubud as their own home. Ubud is now more than ever in the spotlight due to the famed book by Elizabeth Gilbert and movie “Eat Pray Love”. If we were to describe Ubud Bali in one word we would say “idyllic”. Despite the large numbers of tourists visiting this little village with streets that are too narrow for touring buses, Ubud has been able to maintain its traditional life. It is the meditation capital of Bali, and suggested Spiritual Epicentre of S.E. Asia, many people come here purely to recharge their batteries from the fast paced western life, here you just surrender to the energies and let go.

Ubud has been voted the top city in SE Asia in January 2010 by the Condé Nast Traveler, it is not hard to see why; everywhere you look is paradise with dense green jungles, myriads of rice fields and beautiful tropical gardens. Here Balinese men and women still place offerings gracefully on the side of the road and on temples; every day you will see many of them riding beautifully dressed on motor scooters to temples and ceremonies while holding colourful woven baskets, sometimes you can witness even up to four on a bike.

Recently Ubud was declared by another well known travel advisory site as having been voted the 12th most desirable destination for travellers around the Globe, no not Bali – but UBUD! Just an amazing recognition of the beauty and attraction this region offers!

It also ranked in the top 50 destinations for travellers in 2015’s New York Times annual travel feature.