In 2013  they were given a vision to create two impressive pyramids in the magical environment of Ubud, then shown the location and funded the project in a manner that can only be described as incredible.

4 years later, after many challenges and testing of patience and faith, the project was completed and put into full operation in March 2017. In the first year (despite Volcano scares), almost 8000 visitors made their way to the Pyramids to experience the magic that has been created. The reaction from the public has been amazing and the ripple effect of visitors going off to tell others has had a staggering impact on the growth of visitor numbers and continues to do so.

Witnessing these effects is what drove Peter & Lynn to develop the Pyramids of Chi. They simply love listening to participants sharing their own experiences encourages Peter and Lynn to keep focusing on every possible way to share this remarkable opportunity with others. The Pyramids of Chi, in Ubud, will no doubt be the first of many to be constructed around the world, thus, allowing this wonderful opportunity to replicate these powerful sound healing pyramids around the globe. Peter & Lynn are both trained Gong Masters and have a wealth of experience helping people achieve the ultimate in sound healing and relaxation through sound therapy.

It is important to them that the utmost care be taken when offering this gift of these therapeutic vibrations & frequencies. So many visitors have shared their experiences here and it’s unanimous that guests have been truly touched by their sound healing session. Knowing of such powerful experiences, with guests, we share a short introduction explaining the possible effects some visitors may experience. Equally important, is our philosophy regarding the necessary care and attention after a session. Some participants find it most relaxing and other may have a more powerful release of emotions. Therefore, great consideration goes into our selection of gong masters, staff and training. We have a team of well trained Gong Masters who, in most cases, are also Healers in their own rights in various modalities. These players have a deep empathy with their audience and are often called upon to help those experiencing a strong release or reaction.

Having personally seen the effects of many people suffering from stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety, over day to day issues, Peter and Lynn, as well now many visitors, have often seen the exciting results that occur when one is immersed in these incredible sounds within the pyramids. The experience is known Universally as ‘Sound Healing’ and is usually brought about by the balancing of one or more of the body’s Chakras (energy centers). The end result is often a body that is more relaxed and centered.

Peter & Lynn believe they were guided to introduce these amazing experiences to help people to discover the wonders of complete relaxation using sound, vibrations and breathing techniques. Many people never take the time out to stop, relax and open up to inner healing, they spend so much time in a state of being busy, nervousness, fear, worry or pressure, and fail to realize the stressful effects it is all having on their mind, emotions and body!

Another purpose is to introduce increasingly more realistic view on why pyramids were built, when and by who, often in conflict with traditional beliefs promoted by archeologists, but in keeping with  facts that have been qualified by many and now gaining in credibility. The Power that Pyramids possess is often able to be experienced by all who visit.

Finally the key motivation in operating the Pyramids of Chi is for Sound Healing!