The rhythm beats and vibrations of the gongs, drums, and Didgeridoo in combination with the scent of the sandalwood and peaceful atmosphere in the Pyramids of Chi reduce ‘beta-wave’ brain waves that dominate aroused conscious thought and increase the intensity of ‘theta-waves’ within the brain, which introduces deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self.

This is a demonstrable fact, and there has been much research into the benefits of meditation on blood pressure and other stress related conditions. It has also been claimed by various authorities that 20 minutes in a ‘Theta state’ can be equivalent to 3 – 5 hours normal sleep in rejuvenating the body.

Many visitors tell of the most relaxed sleep patterns for the following nights after a session. It is seen almost daily how visitors are returning to the Pyramids for another session. A visit to the Pyramids is often not a one-off experience, but one that awakens an urge to come again.

For centuries, the ethereal and emotive vibrations created from Gongs, Drums, and Didgeridoos have helped countless cultures to achieve many states of mind, health, and spirit.

Sound is today also employed in the modern medical context with ultrasound and Neuro-acoustic therapy.

Sound Healing works on the principle that everything is vibration. All matter broken down to the sub-atomic level is simply a state of vibration. Molecular structure is the description of the state of vibration of physical matter.

Essentially the difference between a piece of wood or steel is the vibrational pattern it is performing.

Emotions are also vibration as demonstrated by the work of Dr Emoto who exposed water to emotional influence and observed the patterns created at the molecular level.

Dr. Emoto’s research shows that healthy emotions produce harmonic geometric shapes whereas negative emotions produce disarray. The same thing applies to our bodies which are up to 70% water so when we expose ourselves to stress, electromagnetic fields, and unhealthy lifestyle, our system can be affected adversely.

Sound is also vibration and when it is applied to water through the science of Cymatics, it also produces geometric shapes like those observed in Dr Emoto’s research or in Sacred Geometry.

When one experiences the powerful vibrations of a Gong or Didgeridoo on the body, the being is literally being resonated back into healthy harmonic state of vibration on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. Therefore, Sound is such an effective healing modality. Not only is it a highly enjoyable experience but it is also the link between matter and spirit on a vibrational level!