Our Pyramids are built for a state of the art sound healing and relaxation experience.

The Pyramids of Chi an innovation to the world through the combination of Ancient Sounds, Sacred Geometry design, Polar positioning, Pyramid Power and the ever-present energy of the Island of Bali.


Experience every day at 11am, 3pm and 6pm, one of our famous Ancient Sound Healing sessions in the Pyramid of Sun, a spectacular 14 meter gold painted Pyramid built to 1/16th scale to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

When you enter the Pyramid of the Sun, choose one of the many comfortable mattresses and just relax – we provide a pillow for your head and a bolster to place under your knees. A special blend of aromatic oils with a base of sandalwood enhances the experience in a gentle and comforting manner.

The interior is designed to support you in achieving a state of total relaxation and a feeling of bliss like never before.


Besides the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon is devoted to more intimate sound healing experiences, meditation, breath and movement with sound, Cacao ceremonies, as well as a new and futuristic forms of Sound Healing.

Since the beginning of history, pyramids have dotted the globe with hundreds discovered on every Continent and even under the seas.

Originally believed to have been designed as tombs, recent research into the structures and purpose of the Pyramids seems to suggest otherwise. There are many theories that are yet to be confirmed but what is known is the amazing mathematical precision and the Northern Polar alignment with which all the pyramids were built.

All the Ancient Pyramids around the world are built according to the Golden Ratio or something called “Sacred Geometry”. The Golden Ratio otherwise known as Phi is present in all of nature, the universe and in the human body down to our DNA. It is also present in the harmonic structure of Sound. This offers a possible explanation as to why Sound and Pyramids are so effective in harmonizing and balancing our being because they mirror the harmonic structure of the universe themselves and resonate that into our being when we are exposed to it.

Pyramid Power is well accepted today and the Russian government even built a set of pyramids outside of Moscow to research this phenomenon. They discovered that simply placing a pyramid structure over an oil well purifies the oil by up to 30% or enables radioactive materials to become clean much faster, and crops to grow faster. They are the first nation to apply commercial use of the Pyramidal structure to great effect.

The claims by many are as diverse as healing the body of disease, keeping blades permanently sharp, increased energy, improved memory and eyesight, quieting the mind, and enabling a deep state of relaxation and we have also heard many other claims from guests who have experienced the power inside our Pyramids.

Since 2005 we have seen countless similar results in our Quiet Cones in Australia.  We have come to understand that the sound healing and profound experiences that take place are due to the combination of the energy created by the ancient sound frequencies, by the Sacred Geometry – Phi – structure of the Pyramid, and – very importantly – the intentions people set and the willingness to surrender.

However, we would not claim to fully understand what takes place with each individual’s life changing experience, as there are many mystical and unexplainable forces at play. But, we have seen enough happen to gain these deeper understandings.  It is one of the phenomenal happenings in life that needs to be felt as words could never do it justice.

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