We can customise a healing journey whether you are looking for one on one attention or a special experience for your group or retreat.

Contact our events coordinator, Ari Naryana for advice on the best session for you!  


phone/WhatsAPP: +62 (0) 812 3888 9441

Private sessions that are available include:

  • Ancient Sound Healing
  • Crystal Alchemy
  • Gong Training
  • Guided Therapy and Gong Sound Healing
  • LSV - Light Sound Vibration Healing 
  • Moving Life Energy
  • Reawakening of the Heart
  • Return to Innocence
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Soulful Journey
  • Sound of Tibet - A Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation
  • Tibetan Chakra Balancing
  • Theta Healing