Our journey to this beautiful place started many years before we even became aware of the then little town of Ubud nestled in the Bali foothills.

Unexpected events brought us here in 2013, where we were shown a vision and ‘told’ to build two pyramids in this locality that has long been known as a place of ancient healing medicine.

Stories of pyramids and their amazing energy abound all around the world, and many have their own idea of why these majestic structures are here. They are now being found on every continent. Our two pyramids are built under the guidelines of sacred geometry and are designed and aligned to draw powerful and uplifting energy.

The ancient instruments we have adopted have long been used for healing purposes well before recorded history, created to also help with rebalancing and wellbeing. We particularly sought the various types played in the pyramids for their rich sounds and empowering vibrations and on top of the scales for Chakra Healing.

We have simply followed our faith and guidance in this project, and although we have had to overcome many challenges and learn many lessons along the way, we hope the results will bring a feeling of contentment and relaxation to those who visit here.

It is our sincere wish, and our vision now and for the future, that all who come to this place receive a special gift to help take the stress and anxiety out of everyday life, and take with you a feeling of healing or enlightenment when you leave.

Peter & Lynn