Calling in Home

A New Moon Online Sound Journey & Astrological Report Streamed Live from the Pyramid of the Sun

with Vanessa Holliday

A comfortable sense of ‘home’ is an essential part of our lives and it is this feeling which we are "Calling In" this month. Experience the healing qualities of a sound journey designed to help you feel at ease.

Streamed Live ONLINE July 17th @ 5 pm Bali Time (check your local time HERE

Experience an Online Sound Journey with the Pyramids of Chi from Anywhere!

Welcome to the New Moon in Cancer this month. Cancer is the sign of mothering energy, so during this New Moon we’ll feel a stronger urge to nurture and care for our self and others.

This energy will also encourage us to find our home frequency; a vibration which makes us feel at ease, fulfilled, and content within our lives. When we come home to ourselves, we return to who we really are - the part of us which is always present no matter how our journey unfolds.

Emotions will be heightened over this New Moon. Feelings come and go but some of them linger for longer. It’s time to sit with your emotions, truly meet them and be open to the messages they have for you. At times this may be uncomfortable, but the only way back to your true essence is to hold space for and process the emotions which are present.

This New Moon is a time for self-care, meditating, decluttering your spaces or having a house blessing ritual. Domestic matters will feel more important than usual, and you will find yourself wanting to be at home surrounded by your loved ones.

A perfect time to tune into this New Moons Sound Journey in the comfort of your own home to offer yourself deep rest, nurture and emotional balance.

In this 60-minute session, you will receive:

  • A 10-15 minute astrological update by our resident astrologer, Vanessa to help you best align with the new moon energy!
  • A 40-50 minute sound journey to give your body a full reset and tap into the restorative energies of the new moon
  • Practical self-care tips and advice specifically tailored for the unique new moon energy to help you navigate this sacred time with greater ease

In the spirit of community and inclusivity, this event is offered by choose-your-contribution to make it accessible to all regardless of their economic situation. All you need to attend is a comfortable space, good quality headphones or speakers, and an open-heart.

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About your Host

Vanessa Holliday is a Music Therapist, Astrologer, and Sound Healer that's been with the Pyramids of Chi since 2018. She believes in the power of aligning others with our innate ability to self-heal and transform through the power of sound and the wisdom of astrology.

She weaves together a tapestry of Sound, Vibration, Ancient Feminine Wisdom, Ceremony, Ritual, Astrology, and Sonically Channelled Voice with the goal of helping others connect to their inner source and innate wisdom. Using the latest technology in Brainwave Entrainment & Sound Therapy. Her sounds are engineered with specific frequencies and Planetary frequencies. 

Frequently-Asked Questions

What if I Cannot Attend Live?
No problem! You will receive one link that is good for the livestream AND rewatching at any time in the future.

Is this Sound Journey Experience Safe?
Yes it is! In fact, its very soothing for the nervous system and overall health. We use natural, gentle frequencies along with sound healing instruments and voice to create a sound journey that assists you with silent time, relaxation, and meditation.

What is Choose-Your-Contribution all about?
Have you ever heard of the gift economy? It allows people to choose how much they want to contribute in exchange for events, services, and even physical items. It's a way to build trust and inclusivity by providing accessible for all regardless of their economic situation.