Ancient meditation methods for your health, relationships & spiritual growth with Karan

Coaching Duration: 75-minutes
$70USD (IDR980,000)

This coaching will be delivered via ZOOM. Book your LIVE Online 1 on 1 Spiritual Awakening Coaching session with Karan.

Understand how ancient meditation methods can transform your health, work, relationships, and spiritual growth.

A profound, powerful, and transformative healing process that will boost your growth on all levels and shift your consciousness with respect to prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life.

Understand how meditation methods work scientifically most effective for a problem and how to find the method that works best for you.

The participant can choose to work on a specific area from the following:

Holistic Health

  • Yogic breath meditations to overcome fear, anxiety, stress, anger, insomnia, sadness, and overthinking.
  • Yogic sound/visualization meditations to bring balance and stability in life.
  • Understanding best kind of yoga technique that will work to resolve mind, emotional and body health problems as per your own doshas/gunas (emotions and mind structure).
  • Which yoga will work best for your body/mind to boost health and longevity: hatha, kundalini, kriya, yin, gentle, ashtanga , vinyasa or power yoga.
  • How to make your current practice like running, gym, cross fit more meditative by adjusting to your own system.
  • Ayurvedic diet with different healing oils to optimise health and performance
  • Ayurvedic medicines to heal chronic diseases like cancer, thyroid through herbs, plant-based juices. How to source the best ayurvedic medicines from authentic ayurvedic farms of India.
  • Overcoming addictions like alcohol, smoking, drugs through body cleaning techniques and self-massage techniques.

Transforming Relationships

  • Relationship healing Tantric meditations to let go of emotional trauma from past relationships. Letting go of emotions like jealousy, insecurity, anger, and sadness to create harmonious long-term connections.
  • Build everlasting trust and intimacy in your connections. Meditations to create trust, gratitude, and acceptance.
  • Understanding how love making can become like a meditation through Tantra creating deep intimacy at physical, emotional, and energetic level.
  • Breathwork to release childhood trauma from parents, relatives, or friends.
  • Meditations to overcome sorrow , grief from loss of loved ones or breakups.
  • Meditations to build trust and friendship with opposite gender.
  • Practices for self-love. Resolving sexual problems like body shaming, sex shame & orgasm disfunction.

Spiritual Growth

  • Buddhist Meditations like vipassana to find your higher purpose in life.
  • Mantra meditations to connect with higher source and energy of enlightened masters.
  • Understanding your own chakra system and meditations to heal all chakras.
  • Kundalini awakening meditations to deepen self-healing and be healthy in all dimensions of your life.
  • Understanding your own imbalances in the system of sun/moon energy, feminine/masculine, vatta/pitta/kapha through a holistic breath, pulse, and body analysis.

How does it work?

Send us an enquiry email via the link to ask questions or arrange a suitable session time directly with Karan.

Once an agreed session time is made, he will send you a link to the Zoom Room and a PayPal payment link.

Want to go deeper??

For a deeper experience, you can also book a package of 6 or 12 sessions with specific transformational goals in mind.

These sessions are supported with content such as music, books and videos which are specifically tailored to you. Contact Karan by hitting the enquiry button for a free consultancy on how these sessions work and what to expect.

6-sessions can be covered in 4-8 weeks and 12-sessions in 10-12 weeks depending on your availability.

Coaching Duration: 6-sessions @ 75-minutes each
$1,000USD (IDR14,000,000)

Coaching Duration: 12-sessions @ 75-minutes each
$2,000USD (IDR28,000,000)

About Karan:

Karan is an Indian meditation teacher with 20 years of experience with different yogic, Buddhist, Zen, and Sufi meditations. 

He researched the benefits of ancient methods and its integration with western therapies at Stanford.

In last ten years, he stayed at over 100 ashrams in India to deeply experience various ancient practices and how they work together for holistic transformation.

He teaches at most transformative healing centres of India and Bali to well-known athletes, doctors, yoga teachers, psychologists and has been developing trainings with most experienced teachers in yoga, meditation, tantra, breathwork and Ayurveda to assist 20,000+ people in their awakening and healing.