Manifest Your Dream Life

An Abundant Manifestation Full Moon Meditation Streamed Live from Pyramids of Chi

with Claire Kipp

Experience a 1-hour journey to manifest your desires!  A journey of meditation, journaling, breath-work and movement activation.

Streamed Live ONLINE August 2nd @ 5 pm Bali Time (check your local time HERE

Experience A Powerful Manifestation Practice with the Pyramids of Chi - from Anywhere!

Get ready to naturally align with your manifestation potential. Receiving the things we need to live a fulfilling life just requires us to flick the right subconscious switch. Join Claire Kipp, expert manifestation facilitator, as she takes us beyond limiting beliefs into the deeper layers of personal fulfilment.

Manifestation requires presence and clarity from our most precious resources: the mind and heart. Claire’s process follows a specific pathway through guided meditation, journaling, breath-work and movement activation. This Full Moon event enables us to access self-guidance, which we all have inside, in a step-by-step manner.

Becoming more aligned with our own dream life starts with ourselves, and our imaginative abilities.

Come as you are with an open mind, and be ready to connect with that which most fulfils you.

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About your Host

Claire began her yoga and meditation journey at age 5 with her grandmother. Her interest in the mind- body, spirit connection led her to a Psychology degree. Learning about the mind, led her to heal trauma in the body with yoga, Ayurveda, massage, meditation and reiki energy healing. Her learning and experiential journey has continued leading to her study of the lymphatic system, Gua Sha, herbalism and the healing effects of sound. Each treatment is deeply personal and intuitive.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What if I Cannot Attend Live?
No problem! You will receive one link that is good for the livestream AND rewatching at any time in the future.

Is this Experience Safe?
Yes it is! In fact, its very soothing for the nervous system and overall health. We've also included plenty of overview instructions to keep the experience safe for you.  We use natural, gentle frequencies along with sound healing instruments and voice to create a sound journey that assists you with silent time, relaxation, and meditation.

What is Choose-Your-Contribution all about?
Have you ever heard of the gift economy? It allows people to choose how much they want to contribute in exchange for events, services, and even physical items. It's a way to build trust and inclusivity by providing accessible for all regardless of their economic situation.