Our group wellness offerings range between hosting intimate ceremonies of 6-guests right through to large group meditations of 70-guests (& larger on request!).

When a group of people come together in the Pyramids, their collective personal energy fields combine with those existing energies within which can have incredibly powerful results. This combined energetic field can affect our seven Chakra Centres and assist in rebalancing. As the energy builds throughout the sessions it can be felt emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

Group wellness offerings run between our Pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Earth, plus in our serene and meditative gardens including our ceremonial firepit.

Check the calendar below for what’s coming up and the individual events for detailed information and reservations.

Sound Healing

Ancient Sound Healing
Gong Puja
Reiki Sound Ceremony
Sound Bowl Healing

Technology Enhanced

Beyond Sound - Light Sound Vibration Immersion

Moon Ceremonies

New Moon Ceremony
Full Moon Ceremony

Breath & Voice

Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying
Embodied Breathwork Circle
Find Your Roar

Cacao & Tea Ceremonies

Blue Lotus Ceremony & Sacred Sound Journey
Manifestation Cacao Ceremony
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Gong Sound Healing

Dance & Movement

Qi Gong

Guided Meditation

Crystal Vision Quest
Death Meditation
Journey to 7 Chakras
Kundalini Activation Process (KAP)
Third Eye Activation Meditation

Personal Development

Awakening the Heart Ceremony
Leela Game
Manifesting Magic
Points of You
Purification Lodge (Asi)
Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy
Regression Therapy Workshop
S.A.F.E. Inner Child Workshop


Journey to Self-Love 1 Day Retreat
Inner Guidance 2-Day Retreat

Special Events

Bali Blessings Welcome Ceremony


Alchemy & Bodywork
Breathwork Intensive 1-Day Workshop
Gong Training - for beginners
Gong Training - advanced
Human Design Workshop
Self-Hypnosis Workshop