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About - Pyramids Cafe by Malaika

In our relaxing cafe away from the hustle and bustle you will be served fresh, delicious organic food, prepared in our modern western kitchen. We use wholegrains, unrefined oils and fresh, healthy products brought right from the farm to your plate. Everything served at Pyramids Café by Malaika is home-made, plant based, organic, gluten free, mostly raw and living food with only naturally occurring sugars.

Reconnect with your bodies through our nutritious and healthy cuisine and begin the transformation in your personal life. This culinary experience will not only satisfy your appetite, but energize, revitalize and refresh your mind, body and soul from the inside out.

Our mission is to provide our customers an opportunity to achieve well being in all areas of their life; that is to experience wellness in the body, mind and soul. Many health-conscious people are so caught up in the web of their particular dietary regime that they have lost the ability to listen to what their body is telling them.

The health of the physical body is very dependent on the health of the emotional body. We all have hidden emotional wounds. These emotional wounds create energy blockages in the physical body which over time manifest as ‘disease’.

Reconnecting to our physical body is the crucial first step in the healing process because it is the gateway to reconnecting our emotional body which allows our deep traumas to surface. As those emotional wounds or traumas begin to surface, authentic healing can take place. This then allows true, sustainable healing of the body. This healing also creates a miraculous opportunity to be present, to get in touch with what we really are, spiritual beings with infinite power, love and wisdom.

Experience genuine gastronomical healing and rejuvenation with our holistic cuisine based on traditional Hindu beliefs which takes you back to nature.

Malaika xx

“In purity of food there is purity of mind; in purity of mind there is established memory; in established memory there results the release from all the knots of the heart.”

Chhandogya Upanishad, VII. 26

Menu - Pyramids Cafe by Malaika

“Satvic food increases the duration of life, purifies ones existence and gives strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Such foods are wholesome and pleasing to the heart.”

Bhagavad Gita, As It Is, 17.8