In the modern world, the most advanced wellness interventions combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology. BioVedic Wellness’s offerings take a holistic look at what is going on with your mind, body and spirit to optimize your life. Choose from individual services or a package of offerings. 

Consultations are by appointment only so please fill out the enquiry forms on the service pages listing what you would like to book, a preferred day and time and any questions about the consultation. Our staff will make the arrangements with your consultant, confirm your appointment and send payment details.

Inidividual Services:

Web Wellness Advanced BioResonance Scan

Biomatrix Scan & Mandala Light Therapy

Chronobiology Portrait

Ayurvedic Consultation 

BioVedic Packages:

- BioVedic Portrait

- Advanced BioVedic

- Personalised Detox


The BioVedic Wellness consultations are hosted by Dr Alex Syrstov and Barry Boullon, both experts in their chosen fields.

Alex Sol Om On

Dr. Alex Syrtsov is a researcher, inventor and healer. He has travelled and lived in many parts of the world, and have gained incredible knowledge and wisdom from top leading professors, doctors and teachers. He has a deep passion for technology, ancient wisdom, spirituality and has undergone the Nine Initiations in Egypt. He has a Masters in Psychology, is the international communications bridge for Light Mandala Company and a representative for the Centre of New Technologies.

Barry Boullon

Barry is a certified yoga teacher, Ayurvedic health counselor, Thai massage therapist, Acroyoga teacher, as well as a plant-based chef and nutritionist. After being a chef and instructor at a plant-based culinary institute, Barry took his yoga practice to the next level by becoming a certified yoga teacher. Since then Barry has traveled to Thailand to become certified in Thai massage, traveled the world to learn and practice acroyoga, as well as traveled to India to study the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Barry is now utilizing all his talents to teach and counsel people in a holistic system addressing body, mind and spirit for complete health, balance and harmony. Barry is a wealth of information in all aspects of health and wellness and even a well of information in the ancient practice of Chinese tea. Light-hearted and fun-loving, Barry loves being a teacher and sharing all his knowledge and wisdom.