Podcast - 'How to Die Happy' with Peter McIntosh

Greg Chambers

If you found out you had five minutes left to live, what ten things would be on your list of regrets?

In the ‘How To Die Happy’ podcast, co-hosts Martin O'Toole and Julia Malcolmson explore humankind's pursuit of happiness, our irrational fear of death, and everything in between.
This week’s podcast features our very own Pyramids of Chi Co-Founder, Peter McIntosh!

In episode 12 of the How To Die Happy podcast, Martin & Jules visit Bali's famous sound healing centre, the Pyramids of Chi.

When Peter and Lynn McIntosh, a retired Australian couple, declared they were building a couple of pyramids in the rice paddies outside Ubud in central Bali, there were a few raised eyebrows. Now, this amazing sound healing centre is a highlight for all Bali visitors and residents wanting to immerse themselves in the practice of sound healing.

Martin & Jules speak to Peter about the mysteries of the pyramids, healing frequencies, and more. The session concludes with an interview and live sound healing demonstration with Pyramids of Chi Sound Practitioner, Jordan Humphries.

Stream the podcast directly below or from your favourite podcast streaming service.

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Christmas at the Pyramids

Greg Chambers


Whether for yourself or your loved ones, come and celebrate the joy of Christmas with us including a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, plus our unique Ancient Sound Healing session.

On Arrival:

Complimentary Champagne, Beer or Non-Alcoholic Drink


Watermelon Splash – Sculpted watermelon with coconut cheese, almonds, molecular carrot caviar, lemongrass dressing &seasonal fruit dressing. V


Rice Paper Parcel – A bundle of flavor loaded with greens that you won’t need to wait by the mailbox for!

Main Course:

Succulent Roast Chicken – Crunchy roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, cauliflower cheese, carrots, green beans, rich brown gravy, cranberry sauce and sage and onion stuffing.


*Vegan Mushroom Kebab – A medley of mushrooms grilled to perfection served with roti & a vegan or vegetarian side. (Vegan = Seasoned roasted vegetables) (Vegetarian = Crunchy roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, cauliflower cheese, carrots & green beans)

*This dish is by request and must be booked in advance


To finish, enjoy our delicious Festive Dessert Plate and Specialty Coffee or Relaxing Tea

*Additional alcoholic drinks available for purchase


  • Arrival 12:00 PM for welcome drinks and lunch seating
  • 2:30 PM Ancient Sound Healing – be guided into an effortless state of relaxation
  • 3:30 PM Dessert, tea, coffee

Rp400,000 ($29USD) per person fully inclusive.


*Bookings essential to reserve your table. If you wish to be seated with friend or family, please include this in your comments when making the booking or contact us on WhatsApp +62 (0) 812 3888 9441

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New event - Leap Into Freedom

Greg Chambers

Sergey Yankovsky & Pyramids of Chi present an exclusive, one-time only performance of Leap into Freedom – the story of Rudolf Nereyev.

This unique blend of drama and ballet will be performed for the first time in Bali at Pyramids of Chi. Influenced by the life of famous Russian ballet star, Rudolf Neyeyev, the play takes viewers on a journey of inspiration and what it truly means to be free. So poignant in our current times!

- A unique combination of drama and ballet in a play format

- Performed in front of more than a million viewers around the world

- Performed in more than 150 cities around the world

- Standing ovations after every performance!

- Featuring the ballet stars from the Mariinsky and Bolshoi theaters

- Recommended for viewing by fans of Rudolf Nureyev

Schedule -

6:00pm –
 Arrival & welcome drink

7:00pm – Act 1

8:15pm – Intermission

8:45pm – Act 2

10:00pm – Curtains

*Ticket price includes a welcome drink on arrival of champagne or sparkling coconut flower (non-alcoholic) and seating for the performance in the Pyramid of the Earth. Additional alcoholic or non-alcoholic refreshments, canapes, tea, coffee and desserts will be available for purchase throughout the evening including at intermission and curtains.

**Dress code for the evening is smart casual in a black and white theme. Let’s get dressed up and have some fun Ubud!

Leap into Freedom - The story of Rudolf Nereyev
6pm - Thursday, December 23
Rp500,000 ($36USD)
Dress – smart casual / black & white theme

About your host - 

Sergey Yankovsky is an accomplished Russian actor that has starred on television, in movies and the theater stage. He was awarded a special prize “For splendid rendering of the role of Rudolf Nureyev” at the Amur Autumn Festival, one of the major art events in Russia.

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December Events Calendar

Greg Chambers

Phew! What a ride 2021 has been hey?

Dimensional ascension has been in full effect! There hasn’t been such a dramatic shift in collective consciousness in our lifetimes… and it ain’t over yet folks!

We have a magical line-up of events this December to bliss out, elevate or educate. Use this month to break down barriers and bring your best self into 2022.

Sound Healing, Vibro Acoustic Light Therapy, Moon & Solstice Ceremonies, Pranayama/Breathwork, Bodywork, Educational Workshops, Yoga Nidra, many forms of Meditation and even Ballet! Yes, Ballet!

We also welcome an incredibly talented new partner in our café, Malaika! Pyramids Café by Malaika will serve plant based, gluten free, organic, wild crafted mostly raw and live foods that are sugar free. Sign us up!

Finally, we are now open 7-days per week to spread our good vibrations and nourishing food.

Click on the image below to download the calendar to you device. :-) 

See you soon at Pyramids of Chi!

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Greg Chambers

Pyramids of Chi has some exciting evolutions coming on Friday, December 3. Not only will we be back to spreading our good vibrations 7-days per week, but we will also welcome a new partner to Pyramids Café.

The Pyramids of Chi is an innovation to the world through the combination of Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, Polar Alignment, Ancient Sounds, and the ever-present magical energy of Bali.

We offer regular events including sound healing, light therapy, cacao and tea ceremonies, breath and voice workshops, spiritual awakening and more with positive vibrations and Pyramid Power now 7-days per week from December 3.

December Event Schedule:


Ancient Sound Healing
Mon – Fri, 2pm & 5pm
Sat/Sun, 11am & 2pm


Beyond Sound – Light Sound Vibration
Mon – Fri, 3pm & 6pm
Sat/Sun, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm

Sonic Enchantment
Thursday 16th, 6pm


Breath & Bodywork Circle
Sunday 5th, 5pm
Sunday 19th, 5pm

Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying
Sunday 12th, 5pm
Sunday 26th, 5pm


Alchemy of Bodywork Introduction
Saturday 4th, 1pm

Human Design
Sunday 5th, 9am


Christmas at the Pyramids
Saturday 25th, 12pm

New Year’s Eve at the Pyramids
Friday 31st, 6pm

Jump Into Freedom – the story of Rudolf Nureyev
Thursday 23rd, 6pm


New Moon Ceremony
Saturday 4th, 5pm

Full Moon Ceremony
Sunday 19th, 5pm

Full Moon Drum Circle
Sunday 19th, 3pm


Elixir or the Gods – Blue Lotus Solstice Ceremony
Tuesday 21st, 5pm


Awakening the Illuminated Heart Ceremony
Saturday 4th, 9am

Saturday 11th, 1pm
Friday 17th, 6pm

Crystal Vision Quest
Saturday 18th, 5pm

Purification Lodge (Asi)
Thursday 30th, 9am

- 15% KTP discount available. Bookings must be via our Guest Relations team and ID presented at check in. WhatsApp +62 (0) 812 3888 9441 for bookings.


In our relaxing cafe away from the hustle and bustle you will be served fresh, delicious organic food, prepared in our modern western kitchen. We use wholegrains, unrefined oils and fresh, healthy ingredients including miracle greens brought right from the farm to your plate. Everything served at Pyramids Café by Malaika is home-made, plant based, organic, gluten free, mostly raw and living food with only naturally occurring sugars.

Reconnect with your bodies through our nutritious and healthy cuisine and begin the transformation in your personal life. This culinary experience will not only satisfy your appetite, but energize, revitalize, and refresh your mind, body, and soul from the inside out.

Our mission is to provide our customers an opportunity to achieve wellbeing in all areas of their life; that is to experience wellness in the body, mind, and soul. Many health-conscious people are so caught up in the web of their dietary regime that they have lost the ability to listen to what their body is telling them.

The health of the physical body is very dependent on the health of the emotional body. We all have hidden emotional wounds. These emotional wounds create energy blockages in the physical body which over time manifest as ‘dis-ease.’

Reconnecting to our physical body is the crucial first step in the healing process because it is the gateway to reconnecting our emotional body which allows our deep traumas to surface. As those emotional wounds or traumas begin to surface, authentic healing can take place. This then allows true, sustainable healing of the body. This healing also creates a miraculous opportunity to be present, to get in touch with what we really are, spiritual beings with infinite power, love, and wisdom.

Experience genuine gastronomical healing and rejuvenation with our holistic cuisine based on traditional Hindu beliefs which takes you back to nature.

We look forward to welcoming you back!

Pyramids of Chi team

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New event - Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying

Greg Chambers

“Go beyond what you know to be true & become the alchemist of your life”

Krishna White

We are thrilled to have Krishna White join our team of practitioners here at Pyramids of Chi. Krishna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been roaming the earth the past 30-years learning and offering modalities to help people seek their truth. He's a kind soul that exudes warmth creating a safe and trusting space ideal for his Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying sessions.

Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying will run every other Sunday at 5pm with the first session getting underway on November 28.

Read on to learn more about this magical session!

Access extraordinary states of consciousness and inner awareness through guided visualizations and a two-part pranayama breathwork meditation all while laying on a comfortable mattress within the safety of the Pyramid of the Earth.

Learn techniques to take ownership of your emotional releasing, allowing you to drop deeper within and get comfortable in the uncomfortable so you don’t have to revisit old patterns and stories that no longer serve you. This paves the way for a deep sense of self-acceptance and love!

In the end, all you have to do is be open and present to receive…

Pranayama, or Breathwork is plant-less medicine for the body, mind, and soul. Krishna uses a two-part breath to access extraordinary states of consciousness for the purpose of self-exploration, healing, and self-acceptance.

Shamanic Journeying is a multidimensional approach for spiritual healing. During this guided meditation, you will visit the non-dualistic plane, where time and space are non-linear, male, and female energies are harmonized, and your intention affects the outcome.

As you navigate this plane, energetic keys are offered to help unlock patterns, blocks, barriers, and old agreements that no longer serve you. With these keys you can alchemically re-write your karmic history to bring clarity and ownership to your current circumstances.

As you emerge from the journey, you will have new insight, understanding and a deep sense of peace.

About your host - 

“I’m someone who is continuously evolving. I keep showing up to whatever is in front of me, and I do the best that I can with what I know to be true in that moment.” – Krishna

Krishna White’s clinical experience in facilitating the transformation of clients’ lives stretches back 30-years. Throughout his life he has been guided to seek out the leading-edge modalities of wellness and spirituality so he may offer them to seekers of the truth.

He assists clients in releasing their limiting beliefs, and he helps them to replace the dramas and traumas that control their decision making with elements of security, self-confidence, and love. After the shackles are removed, they become empowered to embrace their current reality and are provided with tools that enable them to see and act on the unlimited potential that is available to each one of us.

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New event - Soulify

Greg Chambers

Mark Reid brings a very special new event to Pyramids of Chi he calls Soulify! A 90-minute journey that will blow your mind wide open...

Mark is a Scotland native that has travelled the globe offering his services for the light. He has a magnetic presence and the utmost care for guests during his sessions. Read on to learn more about this powerful new session.

Soulify - A journey of Energy Medicine, Chakra Alignment, Sound & Somatic Release

Mark Reid

Soulify is a gentle yet profound 90-minute Journey of Healing The Body, Mind and Soul.

Our body remembers what our mind forgets, so this blend of Energy Medicine, Chakra Alignment, Sound & Somatic Release heals the deep unconscious trauma and energetic blocks that are stored within the body.

Soulify gently nudges our unresolved emotional wounds to the surface to be safely felt, processed, and released as we restore the nervous system's optimal function - beyond fight, flight, freeze or fawn.

Healing does not need to be painful, and it is common in this journey to access euphoric states of consciousness, connect deeper to the land, animals, angels, and our guides as well as receive wisdom on our purpose to be of loving service to the world.

Journey Itinerary -

Check in & In-Flight Safety (5 minutes) -
Departure Lounge & Take Off (10/ 15 minutes) - Box Breathing, Chakra Alignment Meditation
Mid-Flight (45 minutes) - Music Journey with Conscious Connected Breath, Energy & Body Healing
In-Flight Service (throughout) - Collectively and individually as to where I am guided
Landing (10/15 minutes) - Magic 7 Breath, Rehydration & Journal
Arrival Lounge & Integration (10/20 minutes) - Discussion if called to speak with me

About your host:

Mark Reid, 39, from Scotland has studied, taught, and helped clients all over the world in multiple capacities within the Health & Education sector - School Teacher, Sports Coach, Business Mentor, Personal Trainer, Master Life Coach, Tantra, Breathwork and Meditation Practitioner and Energy Healer.

Mark specialises in helping others heal generational trauma through his Purpose Driven Trauma Method, so your partner and kids break the cycle and avoid the same suffering.

As Dr Joe Dispenza told him many years ago as they sipped tequila in Puerto Vallerta "Beautiful Souls Like Yours are Worth Saving"...

So, his mission is to pass this on and help you heal your painful past and build your dream future, NOW, doing what you love with those you love most, in the best health possible for as long as possible.

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New event - Breath & Bodywork Circle

Greg Chambers

Pyramids of Chi is proud to present not only an incredible new breathwork event to the calendar but also two very talented humans in Antosh and Nina!

The very first Breath & Bodywork Circle will take place in the Pyramid of the Earth on Sunday, November 21 at 5pm. With only 10-guests permitted per circle, spots are extremely limited so make sure you jump on the event page and secure your spot!

Read on the learn about this powerful breathwork session.

Breathe, Feel, Heal with Antosh & Nina

A healthy breathing pattern is key for balance in physical, emotional, and mental health. We breathe 23,000 times a day so correcting maladapted breathing patterns and releasing tension can have a subtle yet profound shift in our lives.

Breathwork circles are a powerful and connected way to maintain a regular practice. Nina and Antosh will support your practice with hands-on bodywork, verbal prompts and space-holding using our clinical understanding of the nervous system and trauma-informed experience to ensure you get the most out of your journey, safely.

Expect profound experiences from mystical, shamanic journeys to deep healing and trauma release. This is a gentle, safe, yet powerful journey where we will ensure you stay within the limits of your nervous system and allow healing integration before you leave the space.

Our aim with this powerful practice is to help you rediscover your own innate healing power, and reconnect you to yourself, body, mind, heart, and spirit!

To maintain safety and integrity with this powerful practice, we stick to a small circle of 12-particpants to ensure everyone feels safe and supported throughout their journey.

About your hosts:

Antosh Sokol -

Antosh is an experienced Conscious Connected Breathworker & bodywork practitioner. Starting his healing journey from chronic depression & stress-related burn-out in 2007, he delved deeply into the world of embodiment & wellbeing through the philosophy of Tantra, Q’ero Shamanism, Western & Traditional medicine & nutrition, Yoga, & meditation.

Through his own exploration & incorporating his scientific background, Antosh healed himself & simultaneously uncovered the key element in all healing modalities: the breath! His journey into embodiment and breathwork has led him to Conscious Connected Breathing, one of the most profound healing tools he has found to heal the mental, emotional, & physical body. 

He now has dedicated his life to sharing this powerful practice, the importance of honouring the nervous system and delving deeper into exploring his own subconscious through the breath.

Nina Hinterschitt - 

Nina’s life motto is "What do we take with us when we die? Memories! So don't let it get you down. Be bold and wild and wonderful”

In 2013, Nina received a life-changing diagnosis of cervical cancer that turned her life upside-down. After a successful operation, depression and anxiety paralysed her life. Fortunately, Nina discovered and healed herself with the power and gentleness of Yoga.  Nina observed that many other people could benefit from what she experienced, and thus went on a two-year apprenticeship into Traditional Yoga. Owning her own Yoga studio in Germany, Nina dedicated her time helping people onto the path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

In 2017, Nina, her then-husband and two children decided to sell everything and embark on a world trip which allowed her to follow the calling of her heart and soul. Ending up in Bali, Nina & her husband lovingly parted ways, and for the last two years has spent her time deepening her knowledge of Yoga, Tantra, and Zen Buddhist teachings, and experiencing a very beautiful path with fun and joy with Antosh and family.

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November Event Calendar

Greg Chambers
Now that is an event calendar to make you feel all warm and gooey inside!😍

November is stacked! We can’t wait to welcome you whether you are already in Bali or planning to make your way here!✈️❤️🏝

Borders are open, the lights are on and we have a cold fresh coconut waiting for you.🌴🙏🌴

Click the image below to open the larger version for saving to your device.

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Clothes Swap coming to Pyramids of Chi!

Greg Chambers

…brought to you by Beluna Co Working Space

10:00am – 1:00pm, Saturday, November 20 @ Pyramids of Chi ⁠


Your trash may be someone's treasure! ⁠


Meet new people, switch up your wardrobe & get some glam new items in a sustainable, fun exchange! ⁠


👓 Quality, clean items only⁠

👙 Register a minimum 3 items to exchange or 100K entry fee if you don't bring clothes to swap⁠

🌼 Leftover clothes will be donated to the ladies of @pkpcommunitycentre ⁠

🦚 Cat walk wearing new items encouraged


^100k Ancient Sound Healing available on the day for registered Clothes Swap participants or those that have paid the 100k entry fee

^^FREE day passes to Beluna Co Working for registered Clothes Swap participants or those that have paid the 100k entry fee

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