New event - Community Drum Circle

Greg Chambers

Humans from all walks of life with varying musical skills come together to share their rhythmical spirit.

Everyone who shows up and joins has something to offer the circle, and any one is welcome. The invitation is to come and allow yourself to be immersed into the experience of being a part of the drumming circle. 

What happens is a rhythmical entrainment - time dissolves into the moment and Music plays the people. No one is in control of how it sounds or where it is going. The feeling in the room is felt by everyone and continues to carry the circle further into the musical adventure. 

By playing together we give and receive a “rhythmical massage,” an emotional release and healing by moving our energy from our inside out into the room. Allowing what is felt to be heard. Through sharing our rhythmical spirit and giving sound to our feelings (excitement, joy, sadness, anger) we transcend any need of learning how to play and instantly get into the groove of the group.

The Community Drum Circle will be led by Joseph Wallin.

*Booking is essential to secure a drum to loan. If you have your own drum come along on the day.

“The quality of the music produced in an event like this is not based on the rhythmical expertise of the players, but on the quality of their relationship with the other people in the circle. The result is those magical musical moments where one powerful voice is created out of the many. In those moments, the players stop worrying about keeping time because time, as they know it, has stopped. In its place is a living breathing entity, expressing timeless joy, passion and release through the power of rhythm"

Arthur Hull, Grandfather of modern drum circles

Community Drum Circle
Rp150k ($10USD)

About your host:

This event is guided and facilitated by Joseph Wallin who has been immersed in the art of drumming for 20 years. He is dedicated to teaching how to play in effortless flow, without the need to learn techniques before we start playing. His search for engaging his students in this style taught him how to connect with his own voice and use it as a tool for healing. He has since then been working with the intimate connection between voice therapy and the art of drumming.

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New event - Frequency Ascension Meditation

Greg Chambers

Frequency Ascension Meditation combines ancient principles and philosophies with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the optimum atmosphere for improved moods and overall energetic benefits.

Acclimate on arrival with our relaxing flower tea while receiving an introduction to the technology. Access the power of the Pyramid of the Earth and allow yourself to be expertly guided through grounding and intention setting plus a 1-hour meditation including an ethereal, curated playlist, all while bathing in the light therapy for harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states.

This meditation will leave you feeling aligned, energised, and open to manifesting new possibilities.

The meditation will be hosted by Alex Syrstov & Dina Osiris.

About the Light Therapy Experience:

Mandala Astral Star produces fractal light fields carrying precise informational resonances, interacting through the human energetic meridian nodes, points, and informational auric fields, resulting in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states. Mandala Astral Star enhances the atmosphere of spaces resulting in improved mood and overall energetic benefits.

Mandala Astral Star forms precise geometric patterns of coherent light, combining with the geometric structures of pure resonantly tuned crystals, the results are uniquely resonating fields of light. Light Mandalas explore the interactions between the resonant geometric photon fields on the human energetic and informational fields. Mandala Astral Star creates custom ambient atmospheres influencing moods and consciousness states through brain wave and bio-field.

Built-in, Photon scalar wave generator, the photon emitted by special antenna is directly transformed into a four-dimensional space as Energy Information Transmitter. It helps people absorb photons faster and more efficiently.

What do you get?

  • Welcome relaxing flower tea
  • Introduction to the technology, grounding and intention setting
  • Short Breathwork practice 
  • Guided meditation 

Frequency Ascension Meditation
Rp350k ($25USD)

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New event - Healing with Kundalini Yoga

Greg Chambers

A healing journey of chanting, movement, breath, meditation & Cranio-Sacral adjustment

Kundalini yoga uses chanting, breathwork and movement to clear our minds, stimulate the vital energy in our bodies and guide us into a deep state of connection with True Self.

Kundalini yoga also helps release emotions that might be held by the body in the forms of pain or tension. It also utilizes movement that stimulate the Vagus nerve, releasing stress in the process.

Using two-hand light touches, Cranio-Sacral therapy aims to release the restrictions that may inhibit the functioning of the craniosacral system—the fluid and membranes that surround our brain, spinal column, and nerves.

Divided into two parts, the session will start with the active practice of Kundalini Yoga, followed by an induced state of relaxation where Cranio-Sacral adjustments will be applied selectively to some participants to help them integrate and embody their new-found state.

Allow Adriana Keniz to expertly guide you on this journey in the powerful but safe space of the Earth Pyramid.

Healing with Kundalini Yoga
10am - Monday's (limited to 15-guests)
Rp350k ($25USD)

About your host:

Adriana Keniz is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. Adriana has tried various instruments to release emotions, move stuck energy and get closer to the higher self, and found Kundalini Yoga to be among the most effective.

Adriana has also been studying physiology, psychology, energy healing, yoga, and breathwork for 15 years. She is a certified ICTA coach and has studied at Upledger Institute and the Ukrainian Academy of Applied Kinesiology.

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New event - Akashic Records Readings

Greg Chambers

using the enquiry form below

Are you going through an awakening? Marie can support you with guidance regarding questions you have about your life through reading in your Akashic Records – your soul book. Marie is a certified Akashic Records Reader, Teacher and Mentor.

The Akashic Records is the dynamic information field that is permeating the entire universe. See this field as an ever-evolving consciousness that Marie accesses through connecting to your Higher Self. Every soul that has ever lived, that lives now and will potentially live in the future has his or her own Akashic Record. All actions and developments of your soul are present in the Akashic Field. All this information is already there – in the NOW.

Often the answers lie beyond human perception, outside our five senses. Through a reading, Marie can give you a comprehensive perspective on situations in your life. Her strongest Clair-abilities are Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. This means she receives messages either as images and moving images which represent your life; she hears messages or feels energy and emotions.

In the Akashic Records Readings Marie encourages self-responsibility. You are your own healer. She passes on the messages and holds the space for you. The integration and healing wants to be done by YOU – your body’s intelligence and soul. She is here to empower you, bring clarity and confirmation.

By reading the Akashic Records, you …

  • Receive answers to life questions
  • Strengthen your soul mission
  • Discover relationship dynamics
  • Let go of patterns and believes
  • Activate your healing abilities
  • Feel unconditional love
  • Connect to your Higher Self

What is needed for a reading:

  • Your full first, middle and last name
  • An open heart, so Marie and you can feel each other
  • Experience with meditation recommended
  • You can ask questions which are related to YOURSELF
  • Please think of an area in your life where you are asking for guidance and have a few specific questions upfront.

Akashic Records Reading
Tuesdays 10am & 12pm & by appointment
Rp2,450,000 ($175USD)

About your host:

Marie's fairy-like appearance perfectly illustrates her spiritual nature, which allows her to balance on the edge between the Above and Below. She discovered the world beyond our human perception as a little girl. After completing her certification and years of intuitively practicing the Akashic Records, energy work and yoga, she has built the Modern Mystics Collective where she teaches about the Akashic Records and empowers people to connect to their inner guidance. With her ability to connect and read other people's energy so intuitively, Marie has helped countless souls to find new ways across their earthly learning path.

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Pyramids of Chi are open for Christmas day!

Greg Chambers

Whether for yourself or your loved ones, come and celebrate the joy of Christmas with us at Pyramids of Chi.

This year will not be a ticketed event. Instead, doors open at 1:00pm and access to our café and gardens and grounds is free. Ticketed Sound Healing sessions are available for pre-purchase and a special, one-off Christmas lunch will be available to purchase on the day on a first come, first served basis.

Session schedule:

  • 1pm – Doors open
  • 2pm – Ancient Sound Healing
  • 3pm – Beyond Sound, Light Sound Vibration
  • 5pm – Ancient Sound Healing
  • 5pm – Beyond Sound, Light Sound Vibration

Pyramids Café by Malaika special of the day:

Vegan Shawarma Jackfruit Steak – Amazing plant-based meat alternative that is delicious and super clean! None of the synthetic ingredients of the “Impossible” or “Beyond” meat or any soy, corn, or ‘natural’ flavours (which are anything but natural). This recipe is also grain-free, fat-free & bean-free! Served with seasoned roasted vegetables, carrots & green beans.

Join us for a Christmas afternoon to remember!

Book your Sound Healing session at the links below...

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New event - Akashic Sound Journey

Greg Chambers

Experience a unique Akashic Sound Journey in which you connect to your Higher Self through the Akashic Records – your soul book.

That way, you are open to new messages and guidance for your life. You are guided through body opening alchemical exercises to prepare for the journey. Marie and Martin use instruments and their voices to initiate healing on a physical and meta-physical level.

The central anchor point is the gong. This ancient instrument is a dimension of itself. Experience it and feel its transforming power, held by the unconditional love of Marie and Martin.

In our sharing circle, feel free to talk about your insights and experiences you had during the journey. Let the energy inside the pyramid amplify your connection to yourself, which is a powerful ingredient to make this a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Akashic Records are an energy field that is permeating the entire universe. See this field as an ever-expanding consciousness that connects every single soul. Every soul that has ever lived, that lives now and will potentially live in the future has his or her own record that you can access through your Higher Self. The Akashic Records store all thoughts, actions, and developments in the universe. All this information is already there – in the NOW.

In short, what you experience during this session:

  • Be guided to connect to your Higher Self through the Akashic Records to receive transforming insights and healing
  • Practice Alchemical exercises to root yourself deeper within you and feel your life force energy in a new way
  • Immerse into an Akashic Gong Sound Journey to balance, receive healing and insights for your body, soul and spirit
  • Experience a safe sharing circle to release what is on your heart
  • Be held by Martin’s and Marie's unconditional loving couple energy

Akashic Sound Journey
Rp350k ($25USD)

About your hosts:

"In our Sacred Union, we support each other to live up to our highest potential." Martin and Marie Richtsfeld, first met when Martin was 22, and Marie was only 14 years old. For her, it was love at first sight. Immediately, she knew, “One day, this will be my husband.” Fast-forward six years, they met again and started dating. A couple for more than eleven years and married for more than five years, they live and dream together worldwide. A unity and bond they never imagined formed, a true Sacred Union. It connects them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

They are facilitators for awakening and based on their mission, they love creating safe spaces through Akashic Sound Journeys and Ecstatic Dance Journeys. Marie and Martin also share their knowledge and experience through online courses as well as services like Akashic Records Readings.

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New event - Voice + Womb Connection

Greg Chambers
Women, now is the time we embody, remember, and reclaim our Voices, Wisdom, and Power of our Feminine Essence.

Our voices and wombs are calling for our presence. To deeply listen and remember the gift of our feminine essence.

Modern society has disconnected us from the wisdom of our bodies.  Many women feel burdened by the need to ‘perform’ or keep up with the fast pace of society. This in turn shuts down our creativity and connection with our womb feeling burnt out and depleted.

And yet, this pathway can be opened through the power of sound! 

There is a physical and energetic connection between two of the most powerful places of expression and creation within the body – the Voice + Womb.

They are potent gateways for vitality, grounding, creativity, manifestation, creation, expression, sensuality, power, and embodiment. 

In this immersive voice + womb workshop we will begin to explore the intricate connection between the voice and womb through vocal purification and embodiment practices. We will tone from the depths of our wombs to release any tension, pain, stagnant emotions, and unconscious patterning.

As your voice + womb deepens, you will gain immense clarity and your life will radically begin to shift.

Whatever the sound of your unique medicine is…


Voice + Womb Connection
Rp400k ($29USD)

About your host:

When I turned 29, I had major life change triggered by a healing crisis.

I was very busy running a full-time business, travelling globally as a musician, and studying esoteric arts. But I was overworked, burnt-out, depleted – at rock-bottom. I was running solely from my masculine energy and taking contraception for many years, this cut me off from my womb’s intelligence and natural inner cycle. I felt a deep sense of emptiness, disconnection to my body and feminine essence.

I knew I had to slow down and take some time for rest, self-care, and healing.

I found this through Sound!!! Using the voice as a tool for healing, connection, and transformation.

I felt like I had finally come home to embodiment and relaxation with a sense of softness and feminine magnetism.

It was through my own healing and years of extensive research in sound, frequency, and womb work, that I came across the wisdom of the voice + womb connection. I am now inspired to teach other women this forgotten wisdom as I can honestly say that Sound is the most direct path into voice, womb, and body liberation.

Today, I am blessed with a beautiful little girl, amazing partner, and successful creative business, which a lot has to do with creating the rich fertile soil in your womb for the endless possibilities to be born.

Are you ready to connect with our Voice & Womb?

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New event - 1:1 Breathwork + Ice

Greg Chambers
Join Jason Serini in the safe, loving, and powerful space of the Earth Pyramid where you will manifest your heartfelt desires and let go of the fears that are holding you back!

Be expertly guided in a conscious, connected Breathwork practice to move stuck energy, release emotional blockages, reach elevated states of consciousness, and unlock the answers within.

Break through your fears and limiting belief systems in the Ice Bath Immersion. Using  the correct calming  breathing techniques, Jason will guide you to breakthrough your fears, reach a bliss state within the ice unlocking your true potential.

It’s time to face those fears, break those barriers and realise your true potential!
Breathwork + Ice
By appointment
Rp2,450,000 ($175USD) - each additional guest Rp500k ($36USD)

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New event - 1:1 Astrology Readings

Greg Chambers

1:1 Astrology Readings with Vanessa

When I turned 29, I had major life change triggered by a healing crisis. 

I was very busy running a full-time business, travelling globally as a musician, and studying esoteric arts. But I was overworked, burnt-out, depleted – at rock-bottom. I felt a deep sense of emptiness and disconnection to my body. 

The answer to this situation lay in my astrology chart.  It turns out, I was going through a ‘Saturn Return’ (an astrological event we all go through in a unique way around 29 years of age).  Understanding my astrology chart helped me to see the deeper spiritual opportunities that came with this challenging time.

Using my astrology chart gave me so much clarity to navigate my life better and become who I am today.  In my case, I needed to pull back on my intense lifestyle and make space for presence, embodying my feminine essence, and creating a life of balance and harmony.

Astrology has as provided an incredible context to understand myself, my Family of Origin, Ancestral Roots, my lessons/karma in this lifetime, and the path to fulfilling my Mission - the reason I incarnated on Earth. 

The gift of this alignment blossomed into a coherent, energy rich, and prosperous life and business.

It led me to formally study astrology and delve into lesser-known aspects like spectacular asteroids and how astrology shapes our Evolutionary Path.  I mentored and worked with some of the most renowned astrologers in South Africa. 

Today, I work as a professional astrologer with specialities for understanding the deeper layers of this spiritual science.  I am here to help shine a light on your chart and reveal your innermost truth to gain deeper clarity into any area of your life and gain Self Mastery.

My readings are intuitive, gentle, nurturing, deep, stellar yet down to earth. In an astrology reading, I facilitate the space for you to connect with your life’s purpose and provide insights for you to take inspired and aligned action.

How my Astrology readings can benefit you. My readings can:

  • Clarify and gain further insights into your life path.
  • Uncover your hidden strengths and talents.
  • Overcome your patterns, blocks and obstacles.
  • Assists you to navigate through important life decisions.
  • Understand your life lessons/karma.
  • Discover your Family of Origin and Ancestral Lineage.
  • Glimpse into the changes, innovations, and challenges of the years ahead.
  • Align your health, wealth, and relationships.
  • Discover how different geographical places affect you.  

Having your astrological chart read by an astrologer is a powerful way to gain self-knowledge. It can help you clarify your life path, clear obstructions in your future, and help you navigate through important life decisions.

And all of this can be done in a single session!  If you are ready to meet yourself at a deeper level, then I invite you to schedule a session with me.

1:1 Astrology Readings
Monday's & by appointment
Rp2,000,000 ($143USD)

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December Event Calendar

Greg Chambers

It’s December so we’re finishing our lap of the Sun with the finish line in sight. What a gift 2022 has been with so many incredible people making their way back to the Island of the Gods. Have you planned your break for December or January?

There are plenty of reasons to visit us this month! Check out the jam-packed calendar, you can click the image for the full-sized version.

Special mentions this month include:

  • Gong Puja – Stay overnight for an 8-hour sound journey while you sleep inside the pyramid. Wow! December 3
  • Christmas Day – We will be open for Ancient Sound Healing 2pm & 5pm plus Beyond Sound 3pm & 5pm. Special Christmas lunch will also be available. December 25
  • New Year’s Eve Intention Setting Ceremony – Not to be missed! Fire Ceremony, active Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Healing and dinner. December 31
  • Plus many, many more!

We hope to see you soon at Pyramids of Chi!

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