Nyepi: Bali’s New Year's Day of Complete Silence


All is quiet today in honor of Nyepi, a holy day that marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year according to the Saka calendar. We could already feel the calm descending on our Island this morning when the internet was shut off. We look forward to this day of introspection & the star-lit, unpolluted night sky ahead!! ⁠

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March 2020 New Moon in Aries


Below are some selected Astral Insights to provide you with a range of resources to explore! May these words be received with the intention they were written.

NEW MOON in Aries March 24th 2020~ by Mystic Mama

Dear sisters and brothers,
I’ve been listening within to what would be most helpful at this time and yielding to it.  I’ve been called to share guidance more directly, in the hopes that it can be helpful in addressing both our collective and personal experience, and support us in seeing things from a healing vantage.
During these next two weeks or so, we will most likely feel a wide spectrum of emotions getting stirred as this pandemic continues to ripple through.
We must take it day by day, moment by moment. Remembering that all that we are feeling is ok and keeping our hearts open despite the pain, despite the upheaval that we are each feeling and processing in our own ways.
We have and will continue to have new challenges to face in very real ways, and we’ll be forced to come up with new solutions to cope, new ways to adapt to the changes.
There are many who are being affected in extremely physical ways, health-wise and financial, and I encourage us all to hold them in our prayers and wrap them in a vision of comfort and support during these very trying times.
The same goes for all our sisters and brothers on the frontlines;  for their service to us during this time.
We are each being called to do our part and sacrifice or “make sacred” for the good of the whole, as we seed the Aquarian vision for our collective future.

Intuitive Astrology: Aries New Moon March 2020 by Tanaaz

"The Aries New Moon is typically one of the best for manifesting, setting intentions, and planting seeds. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and New Moons signal the start of a new lunar cycle, so there is strong energy for new beginnings and fresh starts.

In 2020, the Aries New Moon falls on March 24, just a few days after a string of potent cosmic events, including theEquinox, the Mars Jupiter Conjunction, and the most pivotal, Saturn moving into Aquarius.

All of this energy is already sending intense waves out into the cosmos and the New Moon will heighten all of this, plus bring a little of its own energy too.

Chiron is the wounded healer, but it has the gift of being able to take its wounds and make them powerful portals of healing. How can we embrace the same?
Interestingly, this New Moon falls at 4 degrees of Aries, which has been a trend. Back in February, the New Moon was at 4 degrees Pisces, in January the New Moon was at 4 degrees of Aquarius, in December, the New Moon Eclipse was at 4 degrees of Capricorn. In 2020, we are also in a number 4 year according tonumerology.

In a number 4 year, we are called to return to the self and to find ways to create safety, comfort, and purpose from within.

4 represents feeling at home within ourselves, and it definitely seems this is a trend for many of us right now.
In astrology, 4 degrees of Aries is actually a very spiritually sensitive degree of the zodiac. It indicates advanced psychic energies and the ability to ascend to higher realms while remaining grounded.
At this time we can all deepen our connection with Spirit and use it as a tool to connect with who we are and what we can do to feel more at home within ourselves.
How can you become a vessel for Spirit? How can you allow Spirit to take the lead in your life and show you the way forward?
Sometimes one of the most powerful intentions we can set is to surrender to the Divine, Source, the Universe, or whatever we want to call it, and just allow it to show us the way to the perfect new beginnings for our soul."

Aries New Moon Asana By 

"...Supported Forward Fold is a shape that acknowledges this transition, going forward in the cycle, from feet (Pisces) to head (Aries).  Click here for full article

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Happy Galungan from The Pyramids of Chi!


"Galungan is the most important feast for Balinese Hindus. The festival is a celebration to honor the creator of the universe (Ida Sang Hyang Widi) and the spirits of the honored ancestors. It symbolizes the victory of good (Dharma) over evil (Adharma) and encourages the Balinese to show their gratitude with offerings, prayer, and dance."

Offerings to the Ancestors

"Galungan occurs twice a year in the 210-day cycle of the Balinese calendar (explained in this article about Bali's culture) and marks the time of the year when the spirits of the ancestors are believed to visit the earth. Balinese Hindus perform rituals that are meant to welcome and entertain these returning spirits.

The house compounds that make up the nucleus of Balinese society come alive with devotions offered by the families living within. Families offer bountiful sacrifices of food and flowers to the ancestral spirits, expressing gratitude and hopes for protection. These sacrifices are also offered at local temples, which are packed with devotees.

The whole island sprouts tall bamboo poles, or penjor, which are usually decorated with fruit, coconut leaves, and flowers and set up on the right of every residence entrance. At each gate, you'll also find small bamboo altars set up especially for the holiday, each one bearing woven palm-leaf offerings for the spirits."

Intensive Preparations

The preparations for Galungan begin several days before the actual feast day


Three days before Galungan, families begin their preparations with "Penyekeban." Penyekeban literally means "the day to cover up," as this is the day when green bananas are covered up in huge clay pots to speed their ripening.


Two days beforehand marks a time of introspection for Balinese and, more prosaically, a time to make the Balinese cakes known as jaja. These colored cakes made of fried rice dough are used in offerings and are also eaten especially on Galungan. This time of year finds a glut of jaja in every village market.


The day before is slaughter day. On this day, Balinese slaughter the sacrificial animals that will go into the temple or altar offerings. Galungan is marked by a sudden surplus of traditional Balinese food, like lawar (a spicy pork and coconut sauce dish) and satay.

Galungan Day

Balinese devotees pray at the temples and make their offerings to the spirits. Women are seen carrying the offerings on their heads, while men bring palm fronds.


The tenth day after Galungan Day marks the end of Galungan and is believed to be the day when the spirits ascend back to heaven. On this day, Balinese make special offerings of yellow rice.

Happy Galungan from The Pyramids of Chi tribe!

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November New Moon 2019

Greg Chambers

New Moon Ceremony


The New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the next lunar cycle. In the darkness, the fertile ground, plant the seeds of your heartfelt desires during our shamanic fire ceremony followed by a 1 hour ancient sound healing session and ending with a tasty, vegetarian dinner!

“Falling on the 26th in the sign of Sagittarius, this is an abundant New Moon that brings opportunities to start over, to reach further, and to rework areas of our lives that have grown stale or become unwelcome.

Since this time, we have all been guided to reach deep and to rise into a new strength and a new power.
Take a moment to identify what this has been for you. Take a moment to honor your lunar journey and to think about all you have achieved and all you have accomplished.

Whatever has come you have made it through, whatever has been is now in the past, and as we welcome the dark Sagittarius Moon, it is time for us to turn our attention to the next chapter

There is healing quality to this November New Moon that will also be our guide. This healing quality asks that we accept ourselves, love ourselves, but more importantly, forgive ourselves.

Allow the vibrations of the November New Moon to wash over you. Spend time in quiet reflection, and don’t shy away from the dark, instead embrace it as an opportunity to start fresh and to paint the world in your own colors.

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the Centaur aiming its arrow into the sky.

Load your bow and arrow and point it nice and high, for as the clichéd saying goes- aim for the Moon, because even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” ~ foreverconscious.com

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Our Collab w/ Corti Centre for the Hearing Impaired and Deaf

The masks are made by the Yayasan Corti School and Training Centre for the Hearing Impaired and Deaf. They’re providing training in various industries to generate sustainable livelihoods after the children leave school.

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Potato Head | Sun Down Circle #028

Greg Chambers

We are part of a unique event with Potato Head Beach Club Bali on August 3. It is a sunrise sound healing on the beach in Seminyak. Two of our gong masters, Sky and Didi, will be facilitating the Sunrise Circle Sound healing session, followed by a communal breakfast with Lawrence Blair. The celebrated explorer will lend his knowledge on sacred geometry to reveal the true symbolism of the ancient symmetric shape. The daytime activities then move to Sustainism Lab where the team from Green School’s Innovation Hub will investigate the connections among sound, art and nature in a cymatics workshop for kids.

Whether you’re more sunrise or sunset—or a magical balance of both—we hope to see you for this very special 5th anniversary of Sun Down Circle!



6-7.30am | Sun Rise Circle with Pyramids of Chi

A beachside sound bath led by the gong master at Pyramids of Chi
Buy Tickets

7.30-9am | Longtable Breakfast with Lawrence Blair

The celebrated explorer will lend his knowledge on sacred geometry
Buy Tickets | Breakfast Menu

9-10am | Cymatics Workshop with Green School

Kids get a hands-on look at the connections among sound, art and nature
Free Entrance | Register Here

4pm-2am | Sun Down Circle #028

Young Marco, Belda, CC:Disco! and Dea soundtrack our 5th anniversary party
Buy Tickets / Daybeds


For further information about tickets and registration please contact Mahesa at mahesa@pttfamily.com

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Coming Soon! A New Pyramid is Under Construction

Greg Chambers
We are excited to announce the building of a third Pyramid at The Pyramids of Chi!

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If you believe in magic – Magic will happen

Greg Chambers

A Magic Story to Tell

In march 2017 we came for a visit to this magical place after some friends told about it.  We got invited to have a sound session in the pyramids of the moon and we got asked just before we went in, if we had a wish to bring with us.

We looked at each other, as we knew EXACTLY what we wanted to wish for. Our wish was to make magic, the two of us, so that we could become three, and share life with another beautiful soul.
We had some trouble making this dream come true, so it was a really big wish for us. From the deepest parts of our soul.

We both went In to the pyramid with open minds and hearts and had the most amazing experience.  Not only did we both have some magical and very colorful dreams, but we both envisioned the delivery of a little child, from a place that seemed far away, but filled with lots to tell.  Almost the same dream, which in it self is beyond amazing.

We went out happy and peaceful.  For practical reason, the magic couldn’t really happen before some weeks from the session, but we hoped that the energy from the pyramids would give us some luck.

We went home from Bali and 1 month later, we found out that a new little life was growing inside of me. We couldn’t stop smiling and we were sure that our trip to the land of gods, had helped to make our dream come true.

After a couple of months we went to the hospital to get the birth date, and with the natural period of mine, they already had put a date for when he should be ready to join us.  But we got other news after the scan, which didn’t make sense for the doctors…. But for us it did.  The date was matching our visit to the pyramids!!!

Sometimes, things just can’t be planned the way you thought it should:)

But, to be honest, we found it a little funny as well, so a couple of weeks later, we went to another scan in another clinic, as our boy was older and they could give a better picture of when he arrived in the belly and when he should be ready to join us outside the womb…. But again, they put the date on the EXACT same one as before!!!
We almost couldn’t believe it, but now there was no doubt.
I got pregnant on the day we went to the pyramids!!
How magic and beautiful is that??

A new sparkling dream started in our hearts, and we used quite a lot of time, talking about that Bali should be our home for the future, as little Elliot was made on Bali and that we felt something was calling to us. But time ran by and we got busy with all the excitement for the little magic boy to arrive.

A couple of months later, Little Elliot was ready to join us, and he got born at home, in water, in front of the crackling fire and a sparkling Christmas tree on Christmas morning, the 25th of December.

But just as he was born, we got a clear message from the universe to keep up on our new dream.
The first song that came on the playlist after he was born and laying in my arms, was a Balinese temple song! I need to mention that it was a 7hr playlist and only 1 balinese song on it. We looked at each other and started laughing! That was a really clear sign.

Our home should not longer be in Denmark, but in Bali

So in September we will be back, the three of us. Back to Bali, and back to the magical pyramids.

This time we will bring in another wish. The wish for the universe to help us to make a move to Bali possible. And somehow, we are positive, that this will happen, before we even know it. And we can’t wait!

If you believe in magic - Magic will happen!

See you soon

Love and happiness
Mark, Christina & Elliot



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Greg Chambers


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