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The power of the pyramids draws people to Ubud from all over the world, each with a different reason for being here. Our café has become a regular meeting place for travellers where they can share each other’s company, and chat about their journey and life stories. On a recent beautiful September Saturday, one such traveller arrived.

Chris first appeared in the office doorway of PoC cofounder, Lynn McIntosh. It would be fair to say that Chris looked a little dishevelled, hot and bothered, almost like he had a purpose and a short amount of time to achieve it in. Lynn greeted Chris in her usual kind way and asked if she could help with anything. That’s when Chris produced his gold coloured gift box.

“I need to give this to you, it’s important that it remains here!” pleaded Chris.

Lynn, though taken aback, accepted and opened the giftbox to reveal a crystal with an incredible size, shape and clarity. Buzzing with excitement she wasted no time in dragging Chris over, along with the crystal to meet her husband and fellow PoC cofounder, Peter so Chris could tell his story.

He began..

“I’m from the UK and have just been to Canberra, Australia to see a spiritual healer to help with my life, set me on the right path, you know?”

“On my visit to her she produced this crystal which she’s had in her possession for over a decade! She handed me the crystal with one simple instruction, take this to Bali and be sure to leave it there”

“I asked her where I should leave it and she simply told me that I would know the right place, she had been told its new home was in Bali and that I was to take it there!”

Chris clearly affected by recounting his story went on.

“I came for a sound healing session the other day and had the most amazing experience. I knew then that this was the place to leave the crystal, but I wanted to be positive. It’s been a long trip from Australia, so I had to get it right!”

“This morning I went to a Balinese Temple to meditate and the same message was coming through – I think from Buddha – over and over, leave the crystal at the Pyramids of Chi!”

Lynn, Chris & Peter


Peter and Lynn were amazed and so grateful that Chris had made the journey to give them this incredible and powerful gift.

“Do you know what type of crystal this is?” asked Peter

“No idea.’ Answered Chris.

“It’s a clear quartz crystal. A 6-sided prism of sparkling light thought to hold incredible spiritual healing properties. When used during meditation it can act as an amplifier for your energy and intentions, while also opening your mind to receive guidance from higher beings. It’s a pretty special crystal!”

Chris still looked quite affected by the events of the day but was clearly intrigued by the new knowledge of the crystal.

“Do you know where this is going?” asked Peter.

“No, where?” Answered Chris.

“Right in the centre of the Pyramid of the Sun. We’ve been looking for the perfect grounding crystal since we built the pyramids and haven’t quite found the right one. I had been told when we completed the Pyramid that one would be gifted to us and although I was tempted to buy one a number of times, I waited, and now I think it’s safe to say we’ve got it!”

With a look of relief across his face, Chris excused himself as he had a driver waiting to take him to the airport. Just like that he was gone, no more than 10-minutes after his arrival!

You can see Chris’s crystal taking pride of place at the base of the stand holding the great gong in front of Buddha, in the Pyramid of the Sun on your next visit to the Pyramids of Chi.

We look forward to greeting you.Pride of place in the Pyramid of the Sun

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