New consultation - Tarot Card Readings

Greg Chambers

Readings = Sunday's - 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm

*Talis will be available on Saturday's in our cafe space for fun, 15-minute readings at only Rp200k ($14USD)

Clarity is in the cards for you…

Tarot consultations that will guide you towards the highest alignment of your soul’s path. Each card is like a mirror into your consciousness, reflecting your deepest truth. Let these cards illuminate the way back to your own magical essence, bring you into harmony and show you the way you were destined to live.

What’s in a tarot reading?

Do you feel disconnected from your life path or are you seeking clarity on how to live the magical life that you were put on this planet to live?

In a Tarot Reading, you will receive guidance to the deep questions that are lingering in the depths of your soul. The cards are like tiny mirrors reflecting to you the truths of your consciousness. In a reading, you will be shining a light on the calling of your inner essence – are you where you need to be in life? Is there something or someone calling you in your path? What is best for your work? Family? Is it yes, or no? Any and every question is welcome. Even if you do not have a specific question, the cards will work their magic in revealing to you what is present in various areas of your life – and, what actions you can take for your highest success and fulfillment.

As a channel of divine energy, Talis will work intuitively with you and the cards, revealing what is in true alignment for you to move forward in your life. She is clairsentient and feels body sensations and vibrations in the cards that act as a guide. The session is a safe space to share and express anything that comes up.

You may leave the reading feeling clarity and empowerment in your life path and direction - with new tools for transformation and insights to guide you to live the life of true alignment that you’ve always imagined.

Are you ready to transform your life with Tarot?

Tarot Card Readings
By appointment
Rp1,700,000 ($120USD)

About your host:

Talis is a holistic healer and energy worker, specializing in Tarot Reading. She is also a certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Astrologer.

As a highly empathic and intuitive person, Talis always had sense that she would be in the healing arts. However, it wasn’t until a health condition – sudden visual impairment at age 26 -- that she fully embraced this path. Unable to continue her career in the academic world which she was in at the time, she began exploring a more energy-based approach to life. When Talis became immersed in the mysteries of the Tarot, it awakened her energy system and spiritual gifts, and she immediately knew she was called to do this work on a soul level.

Known by many as “Tarot Talis,” she has helped clients find profound insight and transform their lives. Talis has done many tarot consultations in Canada, USA, Southeast Asia and was most recently based in Sydney Australia where she did tarot sessions at corporate venues.

Talis has been in Bali since 2020 where she practices as a Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Shamanic Astrologer. She is passionate about the Tarot and believes that it is a profound portal of wisdom and transformation. It is her deep intention that each reading awakens her clients to clarity and the courage to transform their lives so that they are living their fully expressed essence.

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