New event - Masterclass 2-Day Retreat

Greg Chambers

The world of wellness can be, well, overwhelming!

So much promised ancient wisdom, new technology and contrasting modalities offerings solutions all packaged differently from online to offline, short courses, retreats and even 500hr trainings and certifications. Where do you start?

At Pyramids of Chi, we’ve gathered eight of the brightest minds from our community that are experts in their chosen field of wellness. Over two days, you’ll receive a 1-hour Masterclass from each of them to gain a cross section of knowledge and how you can practically apply this to enrich your life.

Each Masterclass will contain enough knowledge to gain an understanding of the topic. It may be enough to make a personal breakthrough, a complete transformation or inspire you to dive deeper into the subject matter.

Each day, a vegan lunch and afternoon tea will be provided while completing each day will be an Ancient Sound Healing session to allow your newfound knowledge time to imprint to your subconscious.

Join us for an inspirational 2-days of connection to self and others while gaining knowledge to enrich your life.

Masterclass 2-Day Retreat
Monthly (commencing Feb 23 & 24)
2-days, each 8.5hrs
IDR2,500,000 ($167USD)

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