New event - Community Drum Circle

Greg Chambers

Humans from all walks of life with varying musical skills come together to share their rhythmical spirit.

Everyone who shows up and joins has something to offer the circle, and any one is welcome. The invitation is to come and allow yourself to be immersed into the experience of being a part of the drumming circle. 

What happens is a rhythmical entrainment - time dissolves into the moment and Music plays the people. No one is in control of how it sounds or where it is going. The feeling in the room is felt by everyone and continues to carry the circle further into the musical adventure. 

By playing together we give and receive a “rhythmical massage,” an emotional release and healing by moving our energy from our inside out into the room. Allowing what is felt to be heard. Through sharing our rhythmical spirit and giving sound to our feelings (excitement, joy, sadness, anger) we transcend any need of learning how to play and instantly get into the groove of the group.

The Community Drum Circle will be led by Joseph Wallin.

*Booking is essential to secure a drum to loan. If you have your own drum come along on the day.

“The quality of the music produced in an event like this is not based on the rhythmical expertise of the players, but on the quality of their relationship with the other people in the circle. The result is those magical musical moments where one powerful voice is created out of the many. In those moments, the players stop worrying about keeping time because time, as they know it, has stopped. In its place is a living breathing entity, expressing timeless joy, passion and release through the power of rhythm"

Arthur Hull, Grandfather of modern drum circles

Community Drum Circle
Rp150k ($10USD)

About your host:

This event is guided and facilitated by Joseph Wallin who has been immersed in the art of drumming for 20 years. He is dedicated to teaching how to play in effortless flow, without the need to learn techniques before we start playing. His search for engaging his students in this style taught him how to connect with his own voice and use it as a tool for healing. He has since then been working with the intimate connection between voice therapy and the art of drumming.

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Thank you for drumming to raise funds!

Greg Chambers

If you’ve attended one of our Full Moon Drum Circles in the past 6-months, congratulations!

Not only did you drum with full hearts to raise collective consciousness, but you also raised Rp3,600,000 ($240USD) for Plastic Exchange, A sustainability movement that empowers communities to change their waste behaviour through dignity-based exchange systems that result in cleaner, healthier environments.

These funds will be used to purchase rice which is given in exchange for plastic collected in the Balinese community. $0.67USD purchases 1kg of rice, enough to feed a family of four for one day. Your donations will purchase over 350kg of rice, that’s a lot of meals and a lot of plastic received in exchange!

We thank you once again for participating and donating. Don’t forget we run the Full Moon Drum Circle by donation at 4pm prior to each Full Moon Ceremony here at Pyramids of Chi, Ubud. We hope to see you at the next circle!

If you would like to learn more about this incredible cause, please visit

If you would like to go ahead and donate directly, please visit



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August Event Calendar

Greg Chambers

August sees the introduction of some incredible new workshops to join our regular favourites that guests have come to know and love.

August is a magical time of year which coincides with the Lions Gateway. An astrological event which increases the cosmic energy between the physical and spiritual realms. This makes it the perfect time for activation and manifestation. Join us for the New Moon Ceremony on August 8 and take advantage of this special occasion.

We look forward to hosting you throughout August and welcome all that this special month brings!

Click on the image to open a larger version to save to your device.

Check out our EVENT LISTING to learn more about each individual event in the line-up.  

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GLOBAL DRUM GATHERING - Drumming for love & light

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“The Moon is a circle, the Earth is a circle, the Drum is a circle, and WE are a circle.”

Global Drum Gathering

This Lions Gateway we will unite in drum circle at Pyramids of Chi where the vibrations of our drumbeats will reverberate throughout the world. Our intention is simple, spreading love and light in a time of darkness.

Lead by Kevin Westrich, aka Joseph White Owl, we will begin at 12pm by calling in the four directions, welcoming and giving thanks to spirit for guiding us on our journey. The drumming will then commence for the next hour using our large Pow-Wow drums, shamanic drums, djembe’s and those that our guests bring along!

Our drums heartbeats will connect with those of our brothers and sisters around the globe who will be drumming in their own circles. These gatherings circumnavigate our planet from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Canada, all over Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, the Pacific Islands and many more. Together our hearts will beat as one along with Mother Earth!

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colours, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as Warriors of the Rainbow.”

Indigenous Prophecy

The Lions Gateway is a very powerful time of year for activation and manifestation. The increase in cosmic energy between the physical and spiritual realms makes it the perfect time for drumming with intention.

Join us for this gathering by donation with ALL proceeds going to Sungai Watch, a community river clean-up organisation that has the mission to protect waterways. Bring your drum of any kind if you have one, we will also have a small selection to loan out. However, everyone is welcome to participate whether drumming or not!

COVID protocol will be in place. Drumming will take place in the open air of the Earth Pyramid. Should participation numbers be high we will move outside into the garden to adhere to social distancing.

When: Lions Gate Portal. Sunday, August 8. 12pm – 1pm
Where: Pyramids of Chi
Cost: By donation. ALL proceeds to go Sungai Watch.

Find out more about the Global Drum Gathering by visiting 

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