New event - Soulify

New event - Soulify

Greg Chambers

Mark Reid brings a very special new event to Pyramids of Chi he calls Soulify! A 90-minute journey that will blow your mind wide open...

Mark is a Scotland native that has travelled the globe offering his services for the light. He has a magnetic presence and the utmost care for guests during his sessions. Read on to learn more about this powerful new session.

Soulify - A journey of Energy Medicine, Chakra Alignment, Sound & Somatic Release

Mark Reid

Soulify is a gentle yet profound 90-minute Journey of Healing The Body, Mind and Soul.

Our body remembers what our mind forgets, so this blend of Energy Medicine, Chakra Alignment, Sound & Somatic Release heals the deep unconscious trauma and energetic blocks that are stored within the body.

Soulify gently nudges our unresolved emotional wounds to the surface to be safely felt, processed, and released as we restore the nervous system's optimal function - beyond fight, flight, freeze or fawn.

Healing does not need to be painful, and it is common in this journey to access euphoric states of consciousness, connect deeper to the land, animals, angels, and our guides as well as receive wisdom on our purpose to be of loving service to the world.

Journey Itinerary -

Check in & In-Flight Safety (5 minutes) -
Departure Lounge & Take Off (10/ 15 minutes) - Box Breathing, Chakra Alignment Meditation
Mid-Flight (45 minutes) - Music Journey with Conscious Connected Breath, Energy & Body Healing
In-Flight Service (throughout) - Collectively and individually as to where I am guided
Landing (10/15 minutes) - Magic 7 Breath, Rehydration & Journal
Arrival Lounge & Integration (10/20 minutes) - Discussion if called to speak with me

About your host:

Mark Reid, 39, from Scotland has studied, taught, and helped clients all over the world in multiple capacities within the Health & Education sector - School Teacher, Sports Coach, Business Mentor, Personal Trainer, Master Life Coach, Tantra, Breathwork and Meditation Practitioner and Energy Healer.

Mark specialises in helping others heal generational trauma through his Purpose Driven Trauma Method, so your partner and kids break the cycle and avoid the same suffering.

As Dr Joe Dispenza told him many years ago as they sipped tequila in Puerto Vallerta "Beautiful Souls Like Yours are Worth Saving"...

So, his mission is to pass this on and help you heal your painful past and build your dream future, NOW, doing what you love with those you love most, in the best health possible for as long as possible.

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