New event - Reiki Sound Ceremony

New event - Reiki Sound Ceremony

Greg Chambers

Upcoming Ceremony = 2pm - Sunday, October 16

Sacred healing sounds & gentle energetic touch with Jayde & Zsofia

Combining the power of sacred healing sounds with gentle energetic cleansing, pure essential oils, and loving touch to bring balance & harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

Enjoy being immersed in peaceful vibrations with 432Hz crystal bowls, angelic vocals, and more in this soothing soundscape for deep relaxation, powerful meditative states, and blissful activation.

We begin by grounding in the space together and setting our personal intentions at the center altar. Choose your preferred essential oil and get comfortable as you are guided into a relaxing meditation leading into a beautiful sound journey.

You'll be bathed in healing frequencies of 432Hz crystal sound bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, vocal toning, and more creating a soothing soundscape for deep relaxation, powerful meditative states, and blissful activation.

Receive reiki healing energy and gentle touch, if you so choose, throughout this journey. Awaken within a deep sense of clarity, peace, and loving vibrations.

Reiki Sound Ceremony
Rp300k ($21USD)

About your hosts:

Jayde is a sound healing therapist who has offered her sessions for many years in the US & while traveling abroad. And has now found a new home base for the past few years in Bali. She has been honoured to offer her sound journeys at retreats, workshops, yoga classes, breathwork sessions, festivals, tea ceremonies, group meditations, corporate events, and private reiki sound sessions. Her passion is creating unique sound experiences that allow participants to go into meditative & deeply relaxed states, soothing the nervous system, and allowing the mind, body, and spirit to come into peaceful balance.
Jayde uses a variety of sound healing tools including 432Hz crystal bowls, Tibetan brass bowls, chimes, gongs, vocal toning, and drums, all woven together to create a soothing soundscape that will leave you feeling blissfully activated & deeply nourished.
Zsofia is a Hungarian holistic bodyworker who's spent the past couple years in Bali, creating a new home on the Island of The Gods. Learning and practicing different healing modalities for over a decade by and a half, Zsofia’s love and passion for Zen Shiatsu treatment has remained unbroken throughout the past 12 years. She has been initiated into Reiki and other Tibetan energy healing methods as well as a South-American shamanic energy healing called Munay-Ki. She is mostly performing private sessions as a healing therapist but has been blessed to share her presence in cacao ceremonies, private events, and yoga classes. Zsofia works with sacred symbols and channeling Chi, or Prana, energy from the Universal Source through her palms to the client’s auras, chakras, and organs. She also applies acupressure and the soul of Shiatsu, which is the communication through touch, to stimulate the energetic system of the human body. The aim of her practice is to liberate blocked energies, boost the immune system, improve the body’s ability to heal itself, restore the balance of energy, and bring harmony between the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual world.

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