New event - Regression Therapy Workshop

New event - Regression Therapy Workshop

Greg Chambers

This Regression Therapy Group Workshop is a healing-process of reconnecting, understanding, nurturing and embracing unhealed subconscious parts within you! Regression Therapy is a holistic (psycho)therapy that assumes all your current complaints and problems are a symptom of one or more unprocessed painful or traumatic experience(s) from your past.

Regression is a natural process that can take place spontaneously; consciously or unconsciously. Music, a certain sound, a specific smell or image, or even an event or a thought will take you back to a moment in your past. From that (unconscious) memory you can then respond to something in the present moment with the emotions, beliefs, behavioral patterns and strategies of the past. Sometimes these old suppressed emotions, beliefs, behavior patterns and strategies can impact your life in such a way that you now experience psychological, emotional and/or physical problems or patterns because of it. By tracing, recognizing and reliving the experiences, they can be consciously, released, cleared & processed.

Inner-Child Healing is a big part of Regression Therapy. Why? Your inner child plays a very important role in our lives and it’s a part of that’s subconsciously still really active in our adult life. Most of our traumas and painful events are stored in our subconscious memory and are rooted in experiences we had in childhood. Acknowledging, healing and embracing our Inner Child is a big step to emotional, mental & physical freedom.

This Regression Therapy workshop can help you to recognize, express, accept, embrace unprocessed emotions and to lovingly care for the child within. As well, creating awareness around the patterns and survival mechanisms that we once created & needed as a child, will also support you to get more closer to yourself.

During this workshop you will:

  • Reconnect with your inner child from a place of (self)love & compassion
  • Receive a safe non-judgmental space to welcome all your emotions
  • Discover how to become the loving parent for your inner child and create a new sense of safety within
  • Reclaim your birthright to express your feelings and to be completely here grounded within yourself

Regression Therapy Workshop
Rp400k ($30USD)

About your host:

Solange is working as a certified Regression & Reincarnation Therapist & Holistic Trauma Healing Therapist for the last 10 years. She loves everything that involves healing, transformations & freeing ourselves from that which is blocking the connection with who we really are. Solange has learnt and developed multiple practices related to Trauma-Healing Therapy, Emotional Body Work, Nervous-System Regulation, Inner Child and Ancestral Healing, Family Constellation Work and so much more! Her approach in her work is always holistic, which means she supports her clients healing journey on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level.

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