New event - Magic Forest Sound Ceremony

New event - Magic Forest Sound Ceremony

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Sounds of Nature, Sacred Songs, Healing Frequencies Immersion, Intentional Journey, Herbal Tea, Deep Peace

This is a story about the sacred spaces within you…

Hi, I’m Sunlight, your host on this journey.

20 years ago, I left a busy lifestyle in a big city and moved to a lush forest inside a National Park in Brazil for almost one year.

Retreated from the world, high up in the mountains, I found myself more alive and full of joy again.

Nature’s medicines were like heaven on Earth - the sun, the river, the fresh air, the trees, that peace…

No running against time, no busy agenda, no survival stress… only the present moment and a feeling that was the real me.

My wish is to bring you this same gift through a profound musical journey inside the Pyramid of the Earth, at Pyramids of Chi, Ubud.

The Magic Forest is the sacred force that dissolves illusions and enhances your vision. It’s the safe container where you will clear away the noise from modern life and tune back into your healthy natural state of harmony - the REAL YOU.

Ready to See Through Your Real Eyes?

How is the flow?

Firstly, it’s important to understand this is a musical journey that will spark imagery in your minds eye prompted by guidance from Leo Sunlight. The journey will be received mostly while laying on a comfortable mattress to aid in your relaxation.

Our journey begins with a gentle forest sound & gong immersion, so you will be resting in deeper states of consciousness right away.

From there, we allow our imagination to transport us around the fire. Purify your mind and heart as you offer old limitations to be carried away.

Then, we connect to the ancient tree of souls - like in the Avatar movie. Be open to the guidance and revelations from the Great Spirit.

Next is our water blessing ritual, when we cross the river of change. You are now awakening your inner wisdom and ready for a shift in your life.

At last, under the open skies on the top of the sacred mountain, we will do a quantum prayer. You become the creator. What you see is what you get.

So come. Surrender. Recharge. Remember.

The wind, the birds, the gongs, the songs will be there to support you.

What to expect?

  • Enjoy a special chi-activated herbal tea (caffeine-free)
  • Lie down and be immersed in the soothing sounds of nature and powerful healing instruments
  • Find heart & mind deep peace inside the pyramids
  • Sing with us and shift your emotional vibration
  • Cover your eyes and see with no boundaries!
  • A highly therapeutic and inspiring journey

The Magic Forest Sound Ceremony is a living entity! Come and feel the healing power of the natural frequencies!

Magic Forest Sound Ceremony
5pm – Friday’s
Rp250k ($18USD)

About your host:

Leo Sunlight is a ceremony artist, singer, pianist, and music coach.

A lover of sound and prana, he’s been exploring naturally-induced altered states of consciousness for over 30-years.

In bali, he’s been offering kirtans, harmonium and ukulele classes, and music for transformative journeys such as tea ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, sound healing journeys & chakra activations.

Sunlight wishes you to experience a gentle, nourishing ceremony that will help you to sing the song of your soul again!

More about sunlight on ig @leosunlightmusic

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