New event - Leela Game

New event - Leela Game

Greg Chambers

Next game = 9am - Sunday, October 23

An ancient Yogic game of wisdom, consciousness, divinity & life

Leela is no ordinary or simple board game, but a transformative, psychological and spiritual practice!

In a few hours of play, you may learn MORE than you would during long periods of spiritual or psychological practices.

You will find out where and how you are limiting yourself, you will expand your perception, your consciousness, discover and eliminate stereotypes, thinking patterns, and subconscious programs that constrain you. In short, Leela is the game of LIFE!

Join game master, Mira for this transformational journey.

How is the game played?

  • The game takes place on a playing field consisting of 72 squares
  • Each square encodes the information of ancient sages
  • You come to the game with a request or issue you would like resolved
  • You roll the dice and it determines which squares you move and what information you get
  • Snakes on the playing field show your obstacles, blocks and jamming
  • Arrows show the necessary direction, solutions, possibilities
  • Step by step you get the information and the answers you need

What are the outcomes?

  • Identify what's going on in your life "here and now"?
  • Where and why are you stuck?
  • What obstacles are preventing you from achieving your goals?
  • How to change your life to have more clarity, awareness & harmony?
  • What exactly and how should you change?
  • Who steals (takes away) your energy for the journey of life?
  • Where to find the strength to accumulate energy to achieve your goals?

Join game master, Mira for this transformational journey.

*Please note once you commence this game it must be finished (like Jumanji ) so please allow up to 6-hours or more of your time!

**This is not a game for entertainment, but for deep inner transformational work, so be warned!

***Due to the setup and effort required for this game, we require a minimum number of 3-guests to proceed and a maximum number of 10-guests

***This game can be played by both English and Russian speaking guests

Leela Game
3-6hrs (can take longer)
Rp2,500,000 ($180USD)

About your host:

Mira is a yoga instructor, sound healing practitioner and awareness game facilitator (Points of You, Osho Cards, Leela Game).

Mira has been using these tools for self-development for 22 years. They have brought clarity, lightness, and awareness to her life and allowed wonderful transformations. Therefore, she now willingly shares these skills and talents with those who are ready to dive deep into their inner being.

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